Cool Gadget for those who drink!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Apr 7, 2009.

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    have you ever seen a Keychain Breathalyzer? I had heard about them but always assumed the cost would be too high for us to afford, esp since we drink very rarely (mostly because it is expensive, LOL!)

    anyway, I was checking as I usually do and they have a 2 pack of Keychain Breathalyzers for $9.99 plus $5 shipping!

    This little gadget is good for 400 uses or 1 year with-o anything needing to be replaced or whatever!

    I think this would be a GREAT thing to give the young people in our lives, whether they drink or not. For those who drink it would let them know if they are safe to drive. For those who do not drink, they can use it on those occasions they are out and a friend drinks and wants to drive.

    It would also be useful for kids who babysit and have the parents drive them home. If the parent seems to have been drinking, asking them to use this before they gave the sitter a ride home would be reasonable, in my opinion. I can remember a LONG walk home, through an area I was not very familiar with, at about 2 am, because the mom needed help even getting in the house and the dad really seemed intoxicated. I made nice, like I wanted the walk and took walks late at night, because I was terrified to get into a car with someone who was drunk. I knew my parents would come get me, but the dad worked with my mom and I knew he would amke a big scene.

    Anyway, I think this is a cool tool, though I do not know the quality of it.

    anyway, thought I would put it out here.

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    Thanks susie, I ordered 2 sets to give as college graduation gifts.
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    Santa Claus put one of those in easy child/difficult child's stocking. ;) Since he is an alcoholic I hoped it would serve as a reminder. There are lots of disclaimers
    with the item regarding accuracy. It was a "novelty" item and did not serve the purpose of being a tangible reminder. on the other hand, I still think it's cool. DDD

    PS: They also sell little "bad breath" testers. Santa put one of those in the stocking for husband since he smokes :mad: cigars. Once again I hoped he would remember how gross cigar breath is before he headed out for meetings etc.
    NOT! He didn't even smile. Ooops! :redface:
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    At that price they can only be so good, but if all they do is raise awareness of someone who might otherwise drink and drive, well, they would be a bargain at twice the price!

    Wiz gets very upset if he is at his game playing place and some of the kids come in after drinking. It is strictly a "clean and sober" place with a very levelheaded owner. He supervises WELL, and even has a second space the kids have our small town version of "raves" in. Covered windows, lots of blacklights, music, kids jammed in shoulder to shoulder talking and dancing. NO drugs of any kind - not even advil!! And if you get stoned or you are drinking at all before you come you are asked to leave and not allowed back for a month.

    Wiz gets upset because some people show up drunk - and they had to drive to get there. They are never allowed to STAY, they just think they can act sober enough to not get caught. Idiots. But Wiz has a decent head on his shoulders about this, so far.

    I will find one of these for him after payday. I can't get anything until then.
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  6. Star*

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    i want one that I can blow in before I do something stupid - then it sends up a red flag and says - yup - you've abandoned all common sense.....:tongue:
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    Star - I can rig a mouthpiece up to a Magic 8 Ball if you want.
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    Sweet -

    I think a best seller would be for a teenage girl to carry on her keychain or to have a transmitter put in her cell phone that she could use like a StarTrek bioscanner -

    Hold it up to a boy and have it tell her what her future would be like with him. IT could bleep and blurp and make techno noises and then give a readout - LOOSER - ABUSER - NICE BUT MOMMAS BOY -

    I would have bought 4.