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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Shari

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    There was a study earlier this year by Princeton or Harvard or...I don't know, a reputable place, that fed sugar water to rats. Some was mixed with sugar, some was mixed with corn syrup. The results were shocking to me. I also learned corn syrup is banned in a lot of other countries.

    I have been noticing a lot of products are voluntarily removing corn syrup. I just splurged and had a bottle of Nestle Quik chocolate milk, and noticed it, too, has removed the corn syrup and is back to sugar. Since I was so shocked by that report, I, personally, think its a good thing.
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    I've read quite a lot about corn syrup too ... I guess for me I just try to be cautious in many foods about ingredients but not stress it too much simply because most foods (other than whole foods) end up having research done that shows how toxic it is to our bodies. I want to be healthy, as healthy as possible. Yet I can't get myself worked up about too many reports anymore simply because we don't have the options our ancestors did. I wish we had access to untainted produce and dairy and meat and grains ... sadly most food we eat is contaminated in some fashion or another or literally poison to our bodies. Margarine is only ingredient (a small one!!) away from being actual plastic. Plastic!!! Crazy stuff
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    ...This is why I like tea, and olive oil margarine...
  4. Shari

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    You're absolutely right about that. I don't get too worked up about it, because you're right, if you don't grow it yourself, you have NO idea where it came from or what's in it.

    I know a woman who is uber religious (in a cult-ish fashion) and its against her religion to eat mass produced foods. So she buys everything from a farmer's market in a major metropolitin area. Now, I don't know how things are where she is, but I know people who sell things at farmer's markets, here, and I know a HUGE chunk of them go to auctions and buy bulk produce, bring it home, throw it in the bed of the truck, and sell it as home grown. (Cgfg's mom is one of them). Uh, yeah...homegrown.

    Anyway, I digress. I don't try to stress about it, either, but I try to make changes where I can. I don't know why, tho, but the corn syrup study just hit me. The rats that ate the corn syrup water gained twice as much weight on the same amount of calories, and then to learn it was banned in other countries... I dunno. Just hit home for me. If there's an option of something with sugar, instead, that's the one I choose.

    And I'd venture a guess that somewhere down the road, we'll discover that all this genetically altered food DOES have an impact. Like you said, I bet everything does.
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    My problem with corn syrup is federal subsidies.
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    Since I have to be gluten free and my kids are also dairy free, we don't eat a lot of processed foods. I buy a lot of my produce at the farmers' market, so I am bothered by your story. i always thought since I could look those farmers in the eye and they said they ate it also, that it was as advertised. I hope that is mostly the case.

    There are already studies coming out that show GMO soy is not good. The studies are from different countries and I am not sure how reputable the researchers are, so it is easy for our country's experts to say there is no evidence showing it to be unsafe. Since I have been girlfriend, I have been forced into the natural health world and I will say that a lot of what I read there, eventually makes the mainstream news, like the corn syrup problems, apparently.

    I'm not a fanatic about it, but I do think it is best to eat minimally processed food.

    I used to buy Mexican Coke because it had cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. It tastes a lot better than regular Coke, too.
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    Given that we are just a VERY few chromosomes different from orangutans, I do take many of these things with a heapin' helpin' of salt. So many of the studies we see/hear about are designed in ways to get certain outcomes to prove certain theories. We rarely hear about studies that don't prove whatever the researchers want to prove. having studied marketing and taken classes in how to design statistically sound studies, I am very skeptical about every study.

    Some things do make sense, and given the way our bodies process gluten, corn, wheat, cow's milk and other things, moderation needs to be the overall plan for our lives, in my opinion. I do prefer sugar to corn syrup, just like I prefer cane sugar to beet sugar. Just like I prefer milk from cows who are fed certain things. One dairy/ice cream place here has their own herds and only uses milk from those cows. It makes a HUGE difference in how the milk tastes. Not so much the cheese or ice cream, but thoes have a lot of other ingredients.

    As for farmer's markets, a LOT depends on the market. In our town the Farmer's Market only lets people sell stuff after they show that they grow the items. One man sells breads and canned goods and he grows even the wheat, oats and rye he uses in the various things, along with teh veggies in his salsa. If vendors make something they must prove that the ingredients are grown in our state. It is one reason why people drive an hour or more to come to our market. The one in one of the big cities has no requirements for where the food is grown or made. There was a couple here who made their own "farm market" but all the items were trucked in from other states. For this privilege they charged 2x what the grocery did for the same stuff from the same trucks.
  8. Shari

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    It bugs me, too. Especially since we are fighting cgfg's lying problem day in and day out, and here is mama, setting another great example.

    They built 2 green houses. Cgfg talks about planting seeds in the spring, but she never talks about picking any produce. In fact, when asked, she says they don't. Makes me really wonder what goes on over there, but I don't think too hard about it. She only talks about going to the auctions to buy it.
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    This is a huge problem for me also. And this is also the reason why corn syrup...high fructose corn syrup in particular, will never be banned -just like cigarettes. The govt makes a lot of money.

    If anyone's interested watch King Corn. Check it out, seriously-it's very illuminating.