Corneal transplant surgery for hub and other misc.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Well, he finally got in to see the one cornea specialist in our area. We could have traveled to Madison, but I guess this surgery is pretty common (gulp). He is going to need two corneal transplants, one at a time. He has a genetic disorder that usually lays dormant than pops out of nowhere in middle age (if you call 55 middle age). It's call Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy. So on June 28th he will have the surgery. It's same day surgery so I'll be at the hospital all day.

    I am hoping to still come to the Chicago meet up. He should be ok in two weeks if there are no complications.

    In other news this busy summer, I drove Jumper two and half hours to basketball camp at the university yesterday (I have to drive back on Thursday to get her) and Sonic starts summer school soon. I have to drive him both ways because they have discontinued the summer school bus...grrrrrrrrrrrr.
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    I hope you can, too. I'd love to meet you!
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    I hope you are able to come to Chicago! Did you drive Jumper to Madison? You should have let me know!!
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    Wow! Isn't it amazing what they can do? FWIW, has everyone filled out their donor cards?
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    MWM -

    I wish I was going to be there to meet you! I've been thinking about you and husband - I'm amazed at your strength and his ability to just be so calm. Keeping you all in my good thoughts!
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    Here's to wishing you safe travel and your husband a speedy and wonderful recovery.
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    I'm going to try very hard to come. Some is hub, a bit is financial, but if there is any way, I want to meet you all. You have helped me so much for so many years.

    Jumper is in EauClaire. (I hope I spelled that

    by the way, in real life, I am very, very shy.

    Also...thank all of you for your well wishes. I am pretty sure it will turn out fine. husband isn't nervous at all. He just wants to get it down so he can see again. Right now, everything is foggy. My husband is my rock. He is so calm in most situations that he calms me down (I am high strung).