Corporate stupidity at its finest...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marcie Mac, Jul 5, 2008.

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    My scanner on my HP copier/fax/scanner at work fried again - the thing is only about a year and a half old and I have replaced the scanner once already. I found out on line and thru our HO person whose hubby services all of the machines up there that there is a problem with this one particular model. I tell him what I need and asks him to suggest another HP for me, which he did.

    So I look on line with a large nationwide office supply chain and find the one he suggested one and called them to order it. Can't - they have plenty in the warehouse on the EAST coast, but was told it wasn't cost effective to ship it to the WEST coast, but how about this printer...mmmm, no...well, this printer is good...mmm, no..I want this model. And am told, well, we can't sell you that one cause its not in stock HERE. Fine, I will pay for shipping..only to be told they can't do that cause they are not "set up" to do that.

    Honestly, steam was comming out of my ears..I called my HO who called their service rep, and two days later, gosh knows how many supervisions we went thru - can't get this darn printer. And a part that made me want to claw at my face, we found out they had ONE in the warehouse up NORTH, but you know..its not cost effective to ship it down SOUTH. Who makes these rules, especially when you have a desperate customer willing to PAY for shipping???

    I looked on line at the HP website and found the printer - for 400.00 less and free shipping. Got the corporate credit card and it will be in my office Monday.

    I have been looking on line to find an email addy for the CEO of this chain just to let him know how STUPID this was - two days wasted on trying to buy something from his store.

    Oh well, HP was more than happy to take my 2,500.00, and I am more than a happy camper now. But am not going to let it go till I work my way up the food chain at this corporation and make a big complaint. They are lucky that their paper is so cheap - our HO buys MEGA cases and cases from them - or else they would have lost our corporate account.

    Does no one think out of the box anymore??


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    No, no one thinks outside the box. $2,500?!?!? And your old one lasted a year and a half? I'd be looking at the extended warranty, for sure!
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    One of our local TV stations LOVES to hear stories like this. If you can't find the CEO's info, maybe a little spot on TV would work wonders.
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    this is a site to get business information. Some is free and some you have to pay for. It should tell who the CEO and such is for most major companies and some not so major companies. I used this site when I worked in sales years ago. Back then it was all free.

    I know how it is to want to let people know how much their thinking doesn't make sense. Good luck. Hope this site helps.

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    Beth, I did come across the Hoover website - they had him on there but I had to sign up to get it an email addy -dont want to pay for it - its out there somewhere, I am sure, for free :)

    Witz, I absolutely LOVE HP printers - I still have in the office the first bubble jet that printed maybe 5 sheets max - and it still works, this is the first time in I don't know, maybe 20 years, that I have had a problem with one of their machines. The one that got fried was a little home office one only 650.00 (not counting the 250.00 scanner part I replaced). Honestly, I don't think it was made for the heavy duty workload I do - the thing is running constantly, either printing, scanning or faxing - most times all at the same time.

    Every single person we talked to, and there were at LEAST 20 of them, kept saying, omg, that is so stupid that we won't ship it to you, let me make a few calls. And they all came back with an apology - sorry, we can't get it shipped.

    And these are the people that constantly come in my office, trying to see me a new copier. The IBM that I have was used when my boss bought it for me almost 20 years ago. Its the size of a small bank vault - and it has worked like a trooper for all this time. Last year they told me I could not get the repair warranty renewed anymore which by the way, I have only used..mmm...twice. The Zerox guy said it was just a weird machine - it was only supposed to have a shelf life of like 4 years max, and they have a ton of them still going. My HO has been threatning to come and take it to their office - they have two that are the same age and they love the machine - but parts are so hard to come by so I guess they think they are going to canabalize mine - NOT

    I realize the money is chump change to them, but surely I cannot be the only one on the West Coast who wanted this machine..Makes no sense at all