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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Jan 15, 2008.

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    He had a court hearing today on one of his many charges and the DA and his PD got together and finally decided to lump all his charges together instead of doing this junk piecemeal.

    The DA and the PD came up with months that they would both be available to do this and April it is so his next court date is April 7th. The judge told him that this is it. That his cases will be dealt with on that day in one way or another: either set for trial or plead out to on that day. There will be no more continuances. I have advised Cory not to go for a jury trial because there will be parents on a jury who wont much think kindly about a kid forging his parents checks. Not that the judge will either but I think its in his best interest to try to go for a plea bargain with the DA. Im sure they can work something out to avoid a trial.

    So...Im hoping that all this will be over with in April. At least on my part.
  2. Star*

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    Janet -

    we took the plea bargain too - And you are right - a jury trial would want to make an example out of Cory - I hope he knows how lucky he is to have you as his Mom. Mine would be left in jail.

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    Hopefully his attorney will tell him the same thing. He's a man now, and the judge will throw the book at him, and the jury will too, if he's not contrite enough.
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    I'm with Star, Cory's lucky you're his mom. I wudda let him rot in jail.

    Other than the check forging, what are the other charges? Are there any that he really is innocent of or that they would have a really hard time proving? If so, it may be harder for him to accept pleading guilty to all counts. If there are some iffy charges, have Cory talk to his attorney and see if those charges can be dropped for a guilty plea on the other charges. Obviously, the less in front of the judge, the better for Cory.

    I agree that not asking for a trial is probably the best way to go. Judges don't like to see their time wasted if the charges are pretty easy to prove and will happily make an example of someone who asks for a trial, whether it be trial by judge or jury.

    We'll be here to hold your hand on April 7th. Hugs for now.
  5. DammitJanet

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    One charge is iffy...they cant have evidence against him because the only evidence that they could possibly have is against someone else who they havent even charged! Its a felony larceny charge for stealing tin siding off an abandoned house and this one we dont think he was involved in. The kid who stole the gun was...we know that for sure and another guy drove the car to the recycling center so that guys car and ID are on file. (We live in a small town) I am assuming that they went to the kid who stole the gun first and he gave up Cory as the one instead of him.

    The other charges he is guilty as sin. There is a obtaining goods or services under false pretenses (taking a tv back to walmart that he didnt buy), and the 3 forged checks.
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    Hoping he doesn't go for a jury trial... for all the reasons previously stated. :frown: He is truly lucky to have you for his mom. :smile: Sending good thoughts and saying a prayer. Hopefully this will wake Cory up. :frown: