Cory had his day in court today...the big one

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, May 13, 2008.

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    Today was the day for him to go in and deal with all his charges. He was charged with felony larceny, 3 counts of felony uttering of checks, and one count of felony obtaining goods under false pretenses.

    The felony larceny was when he and two other guys stole some siding off a condemned house and got caught. Oddly enough only Cory was arrested even though Cory named names and Cory had no car so the other guy's had to drive it to the recycling center. Sigh. What is really stupid is the people who "own" the house want to claim the siding is worth 9K to get it put back on...uhhh...the house was condemned by FEMA during the last hurricane and no one can live in the house or put another dwelling on that property...its uninhabitable. I raised my hand and pointed this fact out to the judge who stated that this would all be looked into because restitution would not be to enrich someone!

    The checks are the ones he stole from Billy and me and he owes the banks for those in the amount of 1300. The false pretenses is where he bought a tv at walmart then went back in with the receipt and tried to return another one off the shelf and got caught before he got away with it so there was no money to be paid back. Bet you didnt know that was a felony no matter what the amount of money? LOL. That was for less than 80 bucks.

    His whole sentence...well he was eligible for up to 8 to 10 months for one set of charges, and 6 to 8 months on another set...because of different classes. They would have been served consecutively so really he was looking at possibly 14 months in prison. He took the plea and he got a 30 day active sentence, 2 months house arrest, 6 months intensive probation and 3 years supervised probation. He has to perform 50 hours of community service, submit to drug testing, take all medication prescribed by his psychiatrist (I got that one thrown in!), then the normal stay away from known drug users blah blah blah. They did waive the supervision fees and community service fees and attorney fees because his restitution fees are so high.

    He will start house arrest in June and we wont know exactly when they will start his active sentence for awhile. Hopefully they will let him do it on weekends because of his job. Hopefully they will have the good sense to know that he needs to keep the job in order to pay the restitution so making him go serve 30 days isnt a really wise thing to do. Doing it on weekends makes much better sense to me.

    Oddly enough he got called to do his first couple of hours of community service tonight. A neighbor of ours is a deputy sheriff that works at the jail so she called his probation officer and got it approved for Cory to go do some work at her house to was her cars and motorcycles so they would be all nice and clean to go to the harley rally! Hmmm...
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    I agree. Hmmmmm That doesn't exactly sound like community service to me.

    But I'm glad court went well. At least it sounds like it went well. And I'm glad that it is finally over with. I bet you are too. So this means nothing else is hanging over the boy's head??

    Not too horrible a sentence. whew Glad you got the medications tossed in there. lol Good thinking!

  3. witzend

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    I'm glad he took the plea, Janet. I hope he will keep good company and keep out of trouble. Does he realize how thin the edge is that he's balancing on?

    He's a very lucky young man.
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    I'm glad it went well for him in court, and I hope they will let him do the active sentence on the weekends. Wouldn't make much sense to do someothing that would cause him to lose his job. BUT ...

    "A neighbor of ours is a deputy sheriff that works at the jail so she called his probation officer and got it approved for Cory to go do some work at her house to was her cars and motorcycles so they would be all nice and clean to go to the harley rally! Hmmm..."

    Umm ... this is pretty much illegal everywhere! Extremely illegal! I can't believe the probation officer approved it! If this was legal to do, every county employee would have jail inmates at their house mowing their lawns and washing their windows! Community service means doing something that benefits the community, not doing personal "slave labor" for a county employee at their house! Washing county-owned vehicles like police cars or ambulances on county property is fine ... washing an employees personal vehicles at their house is definately NOT! At the prison where I work, the most I have ever had done by inmates was to have a guy in the motor pool put a little air in my tire when it was low and even that is frowned upon! The supervisor is a friend of mine and we waited until no one was looking. This goes back to the old days when county officials used jail and prison inmates as free unpaid labor on their farms. Laws were passed against it because it amounts to "slave labor" and has a HUGE potential for abuse. This must be an extremely uninlightened PO!
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    Sounds like it went pretty well, all considered. Glad the judge listened to you re the medications and the house restitution. At least this part is behind you.

    Interesting community service there. I'm so glad the tax dollars of your county benefit your sheriffs so much. If this is being accepted as community service, maybe Cory could find some people who can't weed their lawns or fix their porch or whatever because of illness or age and suggest that to the PO as community service? Sounds much more worthwhile to me.

    In the meantime, let's hope he can serve his time on weekends and that he's gotten the message and quits mucking up.
  6. WhymeMom?

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    Sounds like Cory will survive it. The community service is ?????, but guess I wouldn't rock the boat on that one. Still not sure what message this sends to offenders.....hoping you can fly thru the house arrest and supervised parole......thanks for keeping us informed.
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    Wishing well Janet, and wondering how you are holding up through everything?

  8. DammitJanet

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    Oh I know that part of the community service is illegal but Im not rocking the boat! We shall get through it. He plans on asking to do whatever at either the courthouse or the parking lot of Social Services or something like that to get his hours in. I do hope they will let him do his time on weekends so he doesnt lose his job because this is a good job and he really likes it. If he has to pay all this restitution, then he really NEEDS

    He is behaving as well as can be expected.
  9. ChefPaula1965

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    sounds like things went ok for Cory. I hope they continue to go well and they do what needs to be done for him to keep his job !!
    Wow, that side jobs seems VERY odd to me too.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..
    I hope you are feeling well and are not too much under the weather, I know springtime can be difficult.
    Hugs Paula
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    Hi Janet, I'm glad the big court date is over and it seemed to go better over all. Glad you see that the community service is illegal too. Back in 2003 the local county prison up in PA had in incident like this. The state grand jury ended up doing an investigation as the then warden was using the prisoners to do work at his house (as well as other issues were going on pertaining to this too). It effected a couple of county commissioners as well. I think the story can be found through the local paper's archive. It was big news. I know Cory is just on probation and not in prison.

    I hope they do let him work and only do the time on the weekends too. When will you know what becomes of the judges inquisition to the people trying to put one over regarding the siding? You said the restitution was high. How was he able to set it if the investigation wasn't complete or did I miss that it was?
  11. Star*

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    Janet -

    So is he convicted of a felony or did they drop all of it?

    I'm glad you both made it through.

    Looking for Luck O the Cory when dude goes - maybe you can come to G'ville and be our little cheering section?

    personally I wouldn't care what he had to do for community service after dodging all the charges - but I get where it's illegal - I think she must have state vehicles and State owned HD's at her house - right?
  12. ChefPaula1965

    ChefPaula1965 Oh my aching back!!

    Star here is looking for luck of Cory for you too!
  13. DammitJanet

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    He did get convicted of felonies. Supposedly they were going to drop them all to misdemeanors but they reneged on that part of the plea.

    One thing the judge did tell him was that this program had to work...that he would never get this lenient a plea again and would go to prison next time he came into court.

    Oh but star...there was a guy up before Cory that was in court for burglary and those charges that go along with burglary...something like having stolen merchandise. He broke into 7 places during this short time period and he only got like a year or so in jail.