Cory is headed to Tue.

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. DammitJanet

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    For a probation violation!

    He had court today on this and they continued it to next Tuesday because his lawyer wants to get it in front of a nicer judge so maybe he will cut some of his time. Most likely he will go for 30 to 45 days. His sentence he violated was 45 days. What kills me is that he actually was violated because he pled guilty to traffic offenses back in August! He was in jail at that time and why they couldnt revoke him then is beyond me. He stayed in jail then for almost a month anyway before we bailed him

    I have a sneaky feeling that he may be gone longer than he thinks though because he has court on the first of April for possession...and then the seventh for all his felonies combined into one big case. I would bet the farm they will add time.

    Funny thing is that when he was in jail a few weeks ago they assessed him for mental health problems and sent him a letter after he got out telling him that they were worried about his mental health status...lmao. His case manager called the house to see if he was still in jail so she could go visit I have called her to tell her to clear her calendar so she can visit him this time!
  2. Hound dog

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    (((hugs))) Janet. It's such a messed up system. And I suppose spending time in jail is going to Improve his mental health?? *sigh* God forbid they attempt to set him up with some sort of treatment while they have him in there.
  3. everywoman

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    A big hug---and a kick in the rear for Corey. Will they ever learn, these boys of ours. difficult child is not working---so I fear that he will be going back as well. Sigh---what do you do?
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    I'm so sorry!!! And, as far as Corey goes, add another kick in the rear from me to go along with the one everywoman already gave him!!!

    I'm lmao right along with you regarding their assessment of him for mental health problems!!! What a F*CK*D (sorry - couldn't think of a more appropriate word!!! ) UP system!!! WFEN
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911


    Well this just makes me so stinking angry! Can you find that letter the jail said Corey has mental health problems and CALL his attorney today and see if THAT can be entered into the mix of things and MAYBE MAYBE help Corey get some help in an outpatient something - and NOT jail time?

    Oh honey I am sending you HUGE hugs- no one should have to go through this and you've been so strong. You just lean on me - okay?

  6. DammitJanet

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    Im actually pretty fine with this. Oddly even Cory is. He went today and took clean socks, boxers and white tee's with him in case they put him in I just find it funny that they tell someone that on such and such a day you are going to jail...but please come back to do so, OK? LMAO
  7. Shari

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    Messed up.

    With that letter, do you think they will reduce anything? Or at least get him help?
  8. Steely

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    See, this is exactly how these kids get stuck in the system. One little thing rolls into the next little thing, and pretty soon they are in jail for years over probation violations and traffic tickets. This whole system make me madder than words.

    I will hoping and praying that somehow, someway, Cory manages to extricate himself from these constant legal trappings - and rise above to create the life that has been waiting for him all along.

    Hang in there Janet.
  9. DammitJanet

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    Well after April 7th everything will basically be over. He does have a communicating threats and destruction of personal property charge hanging but that woman...our neighbor who just had the accident...she is dropping those charges because he apologized.
  10. susiestar

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    I am so sorry. All the drama. Why didn't they just take him then? Makes no sense to me, but who am I?

    Sending hugs, Cory WILL get through this, and maybe this time he will learn something? Come to the realization that if he wants a different life than the other guys in jail then HE has to change?


  11. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member

    I hope he learns something.

    He just got a job last week but its about a half hour away from here and he doesnt have a dependable ride....the guy he was riding with didnt work Saturday night or tonite and he has no other way to get there. We finally told him that in our not too humble opinion he should take the next 6 days to spend as much time with his daughter as possible and not worry about working. We will make sure he has canteen money. He called the babies grandmother and arranged for us to go get her tomorrow afternoon. He will have her until Sunday night.

    I think I will see if I can find an easter egg hunt going on this weekend. If I cant, I think I will get some plastic eggs and let him hunt with her here. Breaks my heart to know he will miss her easter but...sigh.

    He is ok. I am ok. He is just resigned I guess.
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  13. Big Bad Kitty

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    Ah Janet.

    ((((((((((((Big Kitty Hugs))))))))))))

    Let me see, can I hug and kick a butt at the same time?

    ((((((((((((((Cory)))))))))) *kick*

  14. hearts and roses

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    Well, it just stinks. Sending massively huge supportive hugs to you and Cory. No matter how resigned y'all are, it's still a terrible setback and heartbreaking. I'm glad that neigbor dropped the charges; one less thing to worry about lingering in the dark sidelines! Enjoy your Easter with the baby.
  15. VickiL

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    Just sending big hugs for you and for Cory. No matter how resigned he is, it still has to be hard for him. And I think it's a little late for me to add a kick in the butt. He's trying, I just feel he really is. He just needs help, like most of our difficult children. Maybe the letter will help him get some help. It certainly can't make matters worse.

    Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy the baby and enjoy Cory. My oldest and his girlfriend are taking my baby and moving to CA next Tuesday, so give Keyana big kisses and hugs from this board "great auntie":)
  16. gottaloveem

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    I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you, and Cory, and the rest of the family. I will keep my fingers crossed that this will be the last wake up call he needs and when he gets out, he can start anew.

  17. DDD

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    "The system" is so blankin' messed up and somehow all the politicians who want to "save money", revamp programs etc. etc. all skip over the Justice system. It's appalling! Sending hugs. DDD