Cory Monteith from Glee found dead in hotel room.

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Kathy813, Jul 14, 2013.

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    While they haven't stated the cause of death, Cory had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and had just gotten out of another stay in rehab in May. He was 31.

    I hate drugs.

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    Sad and such a waste.
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    What a waste. DDD
  4. Hopeless

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    Very sad!
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    I saw that too, Kathy. I also hate drugs ... and alcohol. :( Such a waste of such a promising life.
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    Alcohol is a drug. I hate them all.
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    Very sad. I hate addiction and all substances (drugs and alcohol). 10 years with the person I thought I'd spend my life with, out the window. Ended a couple weeks back. It's been very hard for me and easy child. Alcohol. His brother, alcoholic. His sister, opiate addict. Lives ruined. The addicts lives themselves but also the lives of those who love them.
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    I felt so sad when I heard this. A couple of years ago I read an article about how messed up he was as a teen and how his life turned around. It gave me hope for my difficult child.... so this makes me feel very sad. I am guessing it was drugs but they dont actually know that yet.

    I dont hate all drugs... certainly there are good uses for drugs and I dont mind alcohol in moderation. However I do hate how both are so addictive for some people and how much it messes up lives.

  9. Nancy

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    So sad, makes me feel hopeless sometimes. He was so talented.
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    When I had cable, I was quite a Glee fan. difficult child is musical, and we loved to watch it together. I had no idea he had suffered for addiction and i was so very sad to hear of his passing, and its probable cause. NPR did a story on him ...he really sounds like a difficult child ... charming, talented, bright and troubled. Before he auditioned for this role, he had never sung. He sent and audition tape with him playing the "drums" using tupperware and glasses (watch the video from Ellen in this link where he recreates it). Think of all who he auditioned against who had been in voice and acting lessons since the age of 10. Think of the odds that were stacked against him. We talk about how difficult children always land on their feet ... and, boy, did he. How I wish he had been able to stay grounded. We all know what it is like to love someone like that.
    My heart goes out to his family.

    If you scroll through the comments on this article, you are sure to feel sick. I wish more people understood what it means to be an addict and/or difficult child, without, that is, the experience of having been there.
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    Confirmed - heroin and alcohol. :(
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    Very sad! :(