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    Ladies, how many of your children are on Abilify? My difficult child has been on it a couple of months and I believe it's helping with his moods. He's no longer crying 4-5 times a day. BUT......the cost, even for our insurance, is almost prohibitive! A three month's supply is about $2,000!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily, we have prescription insurance which covers most of it, but really, a medication that EACH dose is $14???? How can that be?? I'm all for companies passing on the cost of research, etc., but my goodness isn't this outrageous???
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    That's enough to make Baby Jesus cry. Tink is on abilify, thank goodness she is on Medicaid. I don't know how I'd be able to afford it.

    try contacting the pharmaceudical company direct; perhaps they can assist you.
  3. My difficult child was on a Abilify for a few months. I was astonished when I looked at the paper from the pharmacy where it lists the cost! I couldn't believe it. I was so glad that my copay was $25 per prescription!

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    Thank god for Ins. Just FYI Walmart has the $4.00 prescription plan and have even introduced a 30 day supply for $10.00 just recently. So long as they have the Amblify on their program list you can get a script for a three month supply and have ir filled for $10.00. Not sure that they have Amblify available for the program though.
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    I KNOW!!! K was on Abilify for almost a year... All of our non-Generic medications are 50$... we are on 5 non-Generics between husband, K and Me!!!
    Our psychiatrist feels the Non-Generic is better for some medications and then some are just not not available... it just #($*#(@*@$(@#*@$*($(!!!
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    our difficult child is on healthy kids gold, NH's kids medicaid. So, luckily, his abilify is free
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    I'm glad to hear the abilify is working. I was thinking of you the other day...:DYou are right, the cost is outrageous !!! and yes we have insurance and our three month co-pay is $25.00--husband takes 20 mg a day and difficult child 1 takes 15 mg a our true prices are out of control.

    How long has your difficult child been taking abilify?
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    For the record, the drug companies spend more on marketing than they do on research.

    Among developed nations, only the US and New Zealand allow TV commercials selling pharmaceuticals. Direct-to-the-consumer marketing is the fastest growing advertizing spending.
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    how do i get more cost info, im paying 150.00 with humana. please let me know how to get cheaper medications
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    I dont have insurance (thank heaven Q does... his medications cost thousands each month) but I called around for my one script... Tramadol (generic Ultram) and at Walgreens here it is over 55 dollars and same with Cub Foods. Sams club and Walmart charged 8 dollars. Cub foods would match the cost. Walgreens would not. My mom has percentage co pays so I called around for hers and Sams Club/Walmart absolutely beat the rest. It is crazy. Walgreens here lost their contracts with major companies and lots of seniors are especially upset because their best asset was that they are convenient. I use them for Q because I can drive through.... and with him, that is often a blessing. I tell everyone to shop around can make a huge difference.

    And of course there are some drug company plans that will help if you need a medication...
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    This is a very, VERY old thread.
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