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    I sat down to pay bills and opened up my first water bill which was for 45 days service but normally will be every two months. I figured it wouldn't be too much because it's only me here and I have so few dishes, I've only ran the wife one time- even though I hate washing dishes. It was $111 then I had a separate bill for "wastewater treatment" and it was $11! Ok, the first (large) bill includes water, sewer, and trash pickup. The second is for wastewater treatment??? What is the sewer charge in the first bill covering? Then I noticed that in the first bill, out of that 111, $76 was for "refuse"- ie, trash pickup. WTF!!! It's one standard, city trash can and they come once a week thru the neighborhood. I will be calling them. But I was wondering if anyone else is paying a standard flat fee for trash pickup anywere close to this.

    And I'm about to stick a note on the fool's car who keeps parking in front of my house in such a way that I don't have room to when he ought to be parking on the other side of the street but if he just pulled up a little further or backed up some, I would have room to park there, too.

    And one more beef while I'm on a roll- LOL! I went to see difficult child today- I've been trying to go every two weeks. They (Department of Juvenile Justice) had the option for parents to take their picture with their incarcerated sons last weekend but never told ANYONE- difficult child didn't know ahead of time so couldn't let me know and they never sent anything to the parents. OK, I can get over it but I feel so bad for these parents whose difficult children are in there for years. It's the only time they will be doing it until next year and then that depends on which facility the difficult child is in.

    Ok, I'm done. I won't even start on the lieing boss that everyone hates. I have money to pay for a roof over my head and the clients' rep that doesn't work for the same company as I do has told me as soon as I get things caught up for my boss, he wants me to work for him full time. I'm setting my sights on bigger and better so I'll just bite my tongue in the meantime. Boss has no clue that I can't stand him so maybe I can get thru this somehow.

    My mammo came back ok so I am grateful. I am finishing laundry and getting ready to fix something to eat, then pack for yet another trip.......
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    You'll make it through klmno, I have utter faith in you.

    Be glad your sewer charge is low..........ours matches our water fee. Say if your water is 100.00, so is the sewer charge. Really ticks me off, but can't do anything about it.

    We don't have city trash service. Good because we can shop around. I had to put my foot down with husband as the bigger companies were charging an arm and a leg once gas prices started to climb. I made him call a local small trash co and we get it for 1/3 of the cost of the big companies. And they never miss a pick up either, wish I could say that for the big guys. ugh
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    I had that the last place I lived- they charged equally for water and sewege. My trash was added in that, too, and since I had a complete house full of stuff, the total bill was $80-90 with difficult child at home and about $65-75 if he wasn't. And that was for a full 2 months. This just bites. They had a sewer charge listed in the bigger bill and then there is a second bill for "treatment" of it. Still, it's the enormous trash cost that I can't get over. I don't know if they let me pull out and have someone else pick up my trash and them remove the charge for the resident but if they do,. I'll sure do it. I can take it to the dump every two weeks when I go visit difficult child if I have to.
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    PS- Thank you for having faith in me! I really need that right now!
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    I pay about $60 every two months for water. I don't have a pool and I don't ever water my lawn so that keeps it fairly low. My trash pickup (three times a week and once for recycle) is included in my taxes, which are about 12 grand.
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    I have no idea why you would get a seperate bill for "waste water treatment". Weird!

    Here, if you live in the city, you get one bill for everything. They bill one amount for however many gallons of water you used, then an equal amount for sewer service. City gas, if you have it, is on this same bill. The only thing I have that's gas is the heat so I don't use it in the summer but they bill $13 a month for it even if you don't use it. If you have it shut off during the summer, they will charge you $60 to reconnect it so nobody bothers to do that. In the summer, my bill for all of it is around $35-$40 and can be as much as $130 in the coldest parts of the winter. If you live in the city limits, they pick up the garbage twice a week but there's no mention of it on the city utility bills at all, it's just included in there.
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    My water bill varies from about 51.00 to 65.00 a month - trash is once a week pick up and bill is about 60.00 some dollars every other month. I "think" sewage and waste water treatment is included in my property taxes - now I have to go look - am sure the water bill is just for the water. Am thinking about getting rid of the trash for the time being - SO goes to the dump daily as he helps his friend with emptying storage lockers - Nothing is ever in our recycling bin - all my paper from work, boxes, cans and bottles we take it to the recycling center about once a month and get about 25.00 to 30.00 for it - trash people won't give you any credit on your bill anyway :)

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    I live in a VERY SMALL town in a rural area so I imagine our fees are different than those in larger places. I pay $19 per month for trash pickup, using a small, local company. I use the less than the minimum water each month and so I pay the minimum fee for water and sewer: 40.84 per month if it is paid by the 10th; a penalty after that. No gas available here; only propane; I don't have anything that runs on propane except my cooktop. Electricity is separate too - runs about $100 spring and fall, 200 in the summer, and sometimes over 300 in the winter if it is cold.
  9. Nancy

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    Many of the cities around here charge for trash pickup. They put it on the water bill so you have to pay it or have your water turned off.

    We get two bills for water, a seperate bill for waste treatment and it is about equal to the water bill. All together it runs about $300 every three months.

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    Here we dont have a sewer system in the county...its all septic tanks. We do have county water which I average about 25 a month...lower if its just me and Tony and Billy here. We dont have any trash pick up available. Well...I take that back. There is a private guy who goes down the main highway and will pick up your trash for I think 20 bucks a month but it would be futile for me because I would have to push a trash can 600 yards up a dirt driveway to the road twice a week and bring it back. He wont come down my dirt road. We just have a burn pile.
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    Wow, we pay about 35 dollars a month for water (even when it was four of us it was still less than 50 per month) and our trash is 19 per month. My mouth dropped reading what you all pay!
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    We pay about $45 a quarter for trash pickup - supposed to be unlimited but they throw a fit if you have more than 2 cans. Includes the recycling, too.

    Used to be, water & sewer was about $31 a month for 2 months, then the third was about $130. OK, fine - then we got a new RF meter and they started in with $120 a month. I went ape over the usage. This past month I relaxed a little, it was $68. But I don't understand how it could be such a drastic change, when all they did was add a box at the end of the street. How do they know which house is doing what then? We don't all have separate pipes. GRR.
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    I'm out of state this week so I'll call them next week and if this is not a mistake (I doubt it is), I will ask if I can stop the city trash pickup/fee. I hadn't even been there for 2 weeks out of that 45 days so the water bill without the trash cost is probably pretty reasonable.