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    First, happy new year to all of you and apologies for the delay with my Christmas cards. They were filled in ready to go the day after I received Stars card with the list, stamped and in a small box to bring to the post office. Felt so on the ball and then went and forgot the box in the glass cabinet in living room after easy child put a hold-all wicker basket in front of it. I'm going to try to open them and save the envelopes to avoid losing all that postage and insert new cards to mail out, maybe Valentines Cards or even thinking of you cards. I can't express how much joy checking the mail brought me over the holidays.

    I've been reading the board but not messaging as the autocorrect on my phone is a nightmare yet turning it off causes as many problems with typos. I tried to revive my ill laptop but no luck so far. Please excuse any typing errors as I post this on my iPhone.

    So bio father has his first court date of 2012 on the 5th. Another on the 17th. The first is regarding numerous charges involving one victim and as he was under 18 back then, it is a separate case in juvenile court. How odd to have a person in their 60's in youth court. The second date is regarding all other charges in adult court covering five victims I know of, although I'm uncertain of possible new ones as more victims had come forward to give police statements. There are yet more victims whom charges have not been laid, possibly to ensure a second trial on more offenses if he is to get a light sentence (guessing there) or for some other strategic reason. Last I heard the total charges number near to twenty. Four involve me. All adult charges are being tried together, if this goes to trial.

    Which brings me to why I posted the title about it possibly being a big week. I had a odd phone call direct from a contact with the crown attorneys office on Dec 23. To summarize, it left an impression that he may have decided in the youth matters to enter a guilty plea. If so it lends weight to the chance he will plead guilty Jan 17 to the adult charges. He has run the judges patience through in terms of delaying entering his plea and using his appearances to attempt new motions etc. The court is requiring a plea of guilty and a sentence hearing date be set or a not guilty plea and a trial date be set. If he pleads not guilty he can decide if he wants a preliminary trial before a full trial. If he pleads guilty he would within a couple of weeks have a sentencing hearing. I'm waiting for easy child to return to school from Christmas break next Monday. At that time I will take the quiet time alone to begin writing a victim impact statement for the judge in the event a sentencing hearing could be rapidly approaching. I'm hoping that it won't be as frustrating and slow as usual to learn what happens in the court appearances. I really could use some good developments on this entire thing. I'm really nEeding to be able to begin putting this all behind me. I have been low key intentionally lately. I've been needing to work hard to enjoy each day and keep my focus on the many wonderful aspects of my life and not be bogged down emotionally in this. Been faking it to make it so to speak. Luckily it actually works for the most part. But I've had some stuff that I keep well hidden that tells me it's in my head and weighIng on me even when I refuse to acknowledge it. I'm proud of my coping level but in also ready to have it over, put it away forever in a mental box and not give it another minute of thought or energy. I guess the word would be weary.

    Here's hoping this is about to conclude without a trial and be over with. Some actual justice would be great at sentencing too.

    I thank you all again who have read my posts and responses with such care. I doubt words would explain how much it means so I won't try. Just know its appreciated and has helped more than anything to have this safe outlet and place to come to with this type of pain and grief.
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    Well here is hoping that all goes well on 1/17 since that is my birthday so since that is my birthday and it may prove to be a lucky day for you since he doesnt seem to ever do much for I will send you all my birthday good vibes!
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    Sending all the positive vibes, juju and prayers! Big hugs!
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    Prayers for you and blessings for 2012. This is your year for peace.
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    Hugs and prayers going out!