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    I just couldn't resist sharing this because it's just so stinkin' cute and it's so much fun to watch! As a lot of you already know, I have three Boston Terriers, Ragan, Katy and Trace and tend to go a bit overboard on them sometimes. This little video was being passed around by members of my online Boston group and on Facebook - some of you might have already seen it. I recognize a lot of these funny little faces from my Boston group. The video was made by someone who works with one of the Boston rescue organizations and it perfectly illustrates why their owners can get so obsessed with them. Bostons are the clowns of the dog world and this also serves to let anyone who might have ever thought of getting one know in advance exactly what they are in for! And I figured that a lot of you could use a good laugh about now ...
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    So adorable. The girls and I loved it!
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    That was awesome!!! I like the one on the bannister and the one on the trampoline! LOL

    My new neighbors have a Boston named Buddy. Buddy has me trained.....big surprise, I know. Every day when I come home from work he's on their porch waiting on me. (My side of the driveway is only about 7 feet, if that, from their porch) I keep a baggie of doggie biscuts in the car and he will get one. He'll take it over towards his front door, eat it and then come back so I can pet him and give him a proper butt scratch.

    Every day.
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    Mustang, mine seem to be able to tell time by the TV programs. Trace and Freebie get out of their crates in the morning when Regis comes on, etc. If they hear Regis, they make sure I know it's their time to get up!

    The one who made the video got the pictures and clips from YouTube and some from our Boston internet board. The sweet-faced little red Boston in the fur hood is Plumm who is an absolute doll! She was a bridesmaid in her "moms" wedding and her cute little face has appeared on greeting cards and other products. The wild-eyed one jumping in to the pool and the four walking on leashes together belong to a lady in Florida. She actually has EIGHT Bostons, six of her own and two long-term fosters. She said they only walk four at a time because they tend to stop traffic if they take all eight out at once. They swim in her pool and play tetherball together in her back yard. They have a great time and all are very well behaved ... unlike mine who are little houligans!
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    Cute, cute. I've never owned a Boston terrier but one of my aunts had Tammy and the other one had Penny. Both were adorable. Thanks for sharing.
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    easy child and I LOVED it!!!!
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    ROFLMBOSTON OFF........Princess Pootie and I watched it........and can't stop laughing. The first one I LOVED was the Peacock outfit. Then the trampoline kid - and then I flipped over the black and white photo - that was just super duper awesome!!!!!!! The kid in the lobster costume was cute and the guy in the hoodie? Looks like Pooter....she loves her hoodie. The vet said he's fairly certain Pootie has Boston in her (somehwere) but we keep saying she's ALL Princess ALL the Time.


    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT - it was a perfect ending to a perfect day!