Counteract Food Dyes?

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    I am wondering if anyone has found or heard of anything that counteracts the effects of food dyes or gets them out of the system very quickly. Dandilion root tea seems to cut the time in half over here. I have found that the effects last for 30 days and I have cut it down to two weeks if my children drink dandilion root tea within a few hours of taking the dyes.

    Here are the effects that we have.

    Child B: whines, becomes depressed, severe anemia, bloody noses, weight gain, clumsyness, sleep problems, hyperactivity. She has a heart condition.

    Child C: seizures, severe weight loss, decline in speech, decline in ability to read and write, severe anemia, bloody noses, extreme tiredness, loss of appetite. He has a heart condition and was diagnosed Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) at age 2.

    Child D: increased violent behavior, increased defiant behavior, increased aggression, increased acid reflux, severe anemia, weight gain, sleep problems, hyperactivity, foggyness which leads to developmental regression (unable to dress self, tie shoes, etc.), over time leads to baby-like behavior. He has a heart condition and was diagnosed today with Conduct Disorder.

    Child D is extremely addicted to food dyes. He seems to get "high" from them and will do anything to get them. Including sucking the ink out of markers at school. Since the children are in public school, I am having an extremely difficult time regulating the dyes. We have found that there is a "safe" amount that they can have before teh effects get too extreme and we can bypass some by giving them dandilion root tea and also cut the time that they will last. So, we were allowing one or two things on holidays only. However, with them in school it makes it much easier for them to get their hands on the dyes, especially when the teachers use candy as a reward. This allergy is not taken seriously where we live. Obviously anemia can affect my children's hearts and it needs to be taken seriously. Seizures also affect my Autistic son quite a bit.

    So, since I can not seem to regulate them, I am hoping there is something out there that can counteract the dyes or get them out of the system faster. This allergy seems to get harder and harder to deal with every year. :sad-very:
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    I don't know. Next time I visit my Health Food Guru, I'll ask him this. He knows my daughter has a tough time with food coloring and he's never mentioned it.

    You should probably stress this more with your school and tell them that the results could be a seizure. They should take you seriously with this. I can't give my daughter even small amounts of food coloring or she has a meltdown. Corn syrup makes her extremely emotional. It's a horrible combination. She's almost 9 and she's fairly good about not eating them, but she does sneak it occasionally.

    I'd be concerned about the sucking out the ink....does he eat other inappropriate things? Pica came to mind when I read that.