Counting my blessings and taking things easy


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I have been absent from the board the past 3 weeks because I have spent most of it inpatient. My BiPolar (BP) was so out of control it was really scary.

After 7 days inpatient I went to outpatient partial for 5 days and then went back in for another 6 days.

I'm much better but the medication that seems to have helped is giving me really ratty side effects (dry heaves for 3 days now) and I don't know if it will get better.

Anyway, at home tonight has been stressful but I am counting my blessings -
  • health insurance to cover my stay and my medications
  • wife to hold down the fort who has enough leave built up to be home full time (with pay) right now
  • medications that help
  • psychiatric hospital to go to with reasonably competent psychiatrists (mine is now a better educated psychiatrist than she was before she met me thanks to my having severe side effects she had never seen before or occurred at doses so low she could't believe it until the nursing staff backed me up)
  • a roommate who was not psychotic and was a delightful companion for 5 of the 6 days I was on the Thought Disorders ward (they didn't have room on the high functioning unit) - you get to know someone really well when you choose to stay in your room together for 5 days so that you have someone to talk to who is not psychotic with or without paranoia
  • a home to come home to
  • a family to come home to
  • a mind that mostly works pretty darn well
I have resolved to take it easy for the next couple of weeks and try to stay focused on self-care and self-awareness. I do NOT want to go back to the hospital.

So your good wishes, prayers and ju ju are welcome as I figure out how to re-enter the world outside the hospital and keep my cool at the same time.

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Glad you're doing better. If the nausea doesn't resolve itself ask the doctor for something for it. Dry heaves are not fun in the least.

Prayers going up that it's relatively smooth sailing from here on out.


Praying, pretzeling, and rattling. I have been there done that only mine was an extreme case of panic disorder. Like my son, I am also medication sensitive. Here's hoping your transition is without further setbacks. Nuff said.


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So glad you are doing better, I hope the rest and support of family help you feel even better. It is nice to hear that there are good phosps out there.


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Great idea to focus on yourself and the good things in your life. Sorry you had to do inpatient but perhaps you'll set a good example for the family members who stay in "tense" mode. Enjoy your "me" deserve it! DDD


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Dry heaves/nausea... one old trick from back when I was expecting - is strong ginger. Best we've found is "travellers candy" - sweet, hot, very gingery, but it definitely helps nausea. Always check with doctor and/or pharmacist with anything OTC - but generally, ginger is not considered a herbal remedy, its considered a food... so chances are high you can take it.Just an idea.Welcome back.


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Thanks for the suggestion of ginger. I haven't found that I could get past the taste in the past.

And even IM phenergan didn't touch the nausea while I was inpatient.

Last night I took the lower dose and so far have had no/little nausea this morning. So it may be entirely dose dependent.

Thanks to everyone for your words of support.


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Welcome back, PJ!
So sorry about the dry heaves. What a price to pay.
I had to read a few sentences in your note b4 I figured out that it was bipolar and not blood pressure. :)
You do sound stable and if not happy, at least content.
And in regard to dosage and nausea, can you take smaller doses during the day instead of one large dose? I'm sure you've already thought of that ...