County Fairs and 4 year olds

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    Darrin invited his Nana to go along to the county fair with him and easy child. We headed out after lunch. It was already 86 degrees outside and HIGH humidity.:tongue: Darrin, being your typical 4 yr old, is super duper excited. He's only been waiting for the fair to come all summer long. We have a festival earlier in the year, but ours has become so pathetic that easy child wouldn't take him, told him they were waiting for Fair Week.

    Of course, being a county fair we had to park out in the middle of no man's land. easy child and I are dreading the walk to the fair proper. Sun is scorching, air so thick you can almost breathe. Next thing we know a tractor pulls up with a long trailor asking if we'd like a ride. I thought Darrin would pop at the seams. He has the exact same tractor and trailor set up at my house in toy form, I gave it to him for xmas. lol

    Cost a small fortune to get in. :mad:

    Sooooo we procede to the rides. One nice thing about our fair is you pay for a 5 dollar ticket for rides per person and you can ride as much as you want. Don't ask the admission fee though, I think you'd have a heart attack.

    Darrin of course hit the motorcycle/car ride first, then the teacup ride (which Nana couldn't resist showing him how to spin lol), the elephant ride, the enormous slide.........On to cotton candy........water please, Mommy, no pop...........back to teacup ride (Mommy this time), slide, found some shade before we passed out............inside to view the model trains and get easy child's address changed so she can vote.......On to play the carnival games.......(kids always win at ours) ............He played the ducky game first. Darrin thought you had to match them like his duck game at home :rofl: we had a hard time convincing him to just pick one........But Nana, that's not the rules :rofl: ........So he won at the duckie game and at toddler fishing.

    And then he declares he's hot and tired and please could we go home and come back later. :D This evening he'll be going back with his parents for more rides, games, and the demolition derby.

    In the morning he decided we're taking Aubrey with us to ride the rides and see the animals. Nichole can stay home if she doesn't want to go. :rofl:

    Ought to be even more interesting tomorrow with the dynamic duo together. But it sure was fun this afternoon. Oh........and on the way out Darrin kept explaining to easy child that we had to wait for the tractor to take us to the car. Right in the middle of easy child attempting (and failing) to explain that there wouldn't be one, a lady stops with a golf cart and asks if we'd like a ride to the car. See?? I told you Mommy! :rofl:

    Tractor rides/golf cart rides are being provided by local area clubs due to the heat.:D
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    What a sweet story - thanks much.
  3. mrscatinthehat

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    Aren't they so much fun? So glad you enjoyed the time there even in the heat.

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    How funny Lisa - our County Fair opens tomorrow, and don't you know SO has been so looking forward to going ...guess he thinks that since I am at home, work hours dont apply anymore. He seems to mention it every twenty minutes - "Fairs comming up on Wednesday, Fairs comming up on Wednesday"

    Now I like going to the fair - I get to have as much roasted corn as I can eat - but I DO NOT like to go the day it opens..good news is that it is a dollar opening day to get in - bad news - everyone in So. Ca that has a dollar in their pocket goes that day..I wanted to wait till next week when school has started and I don't have to wade thru screaming kids (or take any anymore LOL)