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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterby, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. flutterby

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    Can you still stack coupons with coupons loaded onto your Kroger card? For example, I have a paper coupon for Nutri-Grain bars plus a coupon for Nutri-Grain bars loaded on my Kroger card. You used to be able to use them together. Is that still the same? Does anyone know if you can do this with Meijer mPerks, too?
  2. HaoZi

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    So far as I know, if you have a coupon on your Kroger card it will take that, but not the paper coupon on top of it.
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    Heather, I'd ask at the customer service desk when you go in to be certain. Kroger has changed their policy but it's not effective yet, as far as I know. Ours wouldn't let you use both a paper coupon and the ecoupons together on the same item. Stores may vary, dunno. I only shop at one. lol Gonna miss those double coupons, even though I don't use coupons much these days.

    Have to wonder how that no double coupon policy is going to work out for our store. They tried to nix it once before not long after walmart moved to town and business died........and I do mean died. They were having major issues trying to compete with walmart across the street and a sav a lot down the street. They went back to double coupons........and changed it from twice a week to every single day to get their customers back. It worked too.

    Our "extreme couponers" have vanished completely. Not that people aren't using coupons still because they are........just the whole fad of the extreme part has died out. Some is due to our local economy.....some is due to the work involved.

    I still bulk buy but it is specific items as my pantry is overflowing, freezers are full, laundry room is full, and family room is filling up. I'm just cycling through things. So that heavy duty type couponing has not been necessary. I print what I need and don't worry about the rest. Of course there is only Travis and I and we can only rotate stuff so fast.

    Now? I'm thankful. Drug stores are changing their policies, food stores are changing theirs too. I can't even figure out walgreens these days......not seen a sale worth it enough to try either. Meanwhile prices continue to go up up up. Depressing. ugh
  4. flutterby

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    From what I've found after posting this, neither place lets you stack. You could at first with Kroger ecoupons, but I'm new to the mPerks. If there is a paper coupon for the same thing as an ecoupon, you're better off using the paper coupon because both double it - Meijer doubles coupons up to $.99 so you could get almost $2.00 off with the right coupons - but they don't double the ecoupons. However, the Kroger ecoupons allow you to use it 5 times in the same shopping trip.

    Prices are terrible and they are going up so quickly. I feel sick every time I go to the grocery store. Coupons only help take the sting out of it a little. I was never able to master the coupon thing, let alone the extreme couponing, but I do try to match coupons with sales and search for coupons for pricier items that I'm going to need. I got far better deals at Meijer without coupons than I would have at Kroger with coupons. For example, I had a $.60 ecoupon for Purex 72 oz laundry detergent (difficult child has very sensitive skin and we don't change detergent) at Kroger, but Kroger's sale price for that item was $5.29 while it was on sale at Meijer for $2.99. I only shop at Kroger for very specific items and only if I also have coupons for them. Their cereal tends to be cheaper than Meijer and difficult child is the cereal queen. They had an ecoupon for $2.40 off the cat food I use. Things like that. They had what looked like some good ecoupons, but when I compared them to Meijer sale prices without coupons, Meijer was still a far better deal on almost everything. I don't have any space at all to stock up on things, so I'm just trying to get the best deals I can each week and go from there.
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    Go on-line and find the store's coupon policy. Sometimes the people who work there don't know all the rules and give me a hard time, but I tell them to go look it up. You can print it and bring it in and show them. Always look at the store circular before you go, I make my list from that. Some sales are better than what you may have a coupon for. I get very stressed and nervous when I don't have my list and coupons in order. Plan your meals around the things that are half price.
  6. Hound dog

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    I sooooo miss Meijers. :(

    I only shop at kroger for specific sale items too, and produce. I rarely buy produce anywhere else. I've had it go bad on me too fast, especially walmart produce.
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    I hate Meijer. I'll go there if there is a REALLY good sale, but I have had so many bad experiences... Produce as Lisa said. Stuff like apples, oranges, grapes are usually more expensive than Kroger. For lunches I eat Lean Cuisine etc. and they're usually cheaper at Kroger as is bread. In fact I've never seen bread at Kroger "normal price" - it's always 10 for $10 or less. Milk is cheaper, too.

    Add that to the "I don't give a flying fart" attitude of the Meijer employees and, well... Ugh. Darn near killed myself on a wet floor (HUGE PUDDLE) at Meijer when I was 8.5 mos preggers - closest person was greeter, she said "so what"... I found a manager who grabbed a handful of paper towels (no mop, no wet floor sign) and dropped them on the puddle and walked away. While I was in line I watched - he hadn't called anyone either. I was in line for probably 30 minutes, too, because the cashier was more interested in talking to the next cashier over.

    I don't like Walmart's food either mostly, as produce is sky-high expensive and so is almost everything else - plus there isn't as much selection.

    I'd go to Save-A-Lot or Aldi's more often if they were convenient to me...
  8. Hound dog

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    Step, Meijers on 741 was good, really good. I *think* that is where Nichole shops, but you'd have to ask her because there might be one closer to her. I can't say how they are personally but she swears they tend to mimic the kroger ads about 1-2 wks after. She also only hits sale items because the bulk of her shopping is done at Aldi's. It looks as if mine and easy child's shopping is going to be directed more at Sav a Lot and Aldi's again. (it's already begun to shift that way) Food prices are just too high to play games and the prices of personal hygiene and household goods is also jumping.
  9. AnnieO

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    The closest Meijer to Nichole's is the one up on 741... Unless she wants to go to Middletown. They used to be OK. But remember I am up by WSU so I go to the one there...

    There is a Save a Lot near work, but it is the opposite direction of home, and with having to pick up Meggie by 5 a the sitter, well... It's actually more cost effective for me to go to Kroger.

    Though I did discover Sam's formula is (as easy child mentioned) the same as Enfamil and less than half the cost.
  10. flutterby

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    I love Meijer and have never encountered any of those kinds of issues at any Columbus area Meijer. And their produce is so much better than Kroger's. They would be stocking strawberries at Kroger and I'd be handing them back to them because they were covered in mold - literally as they were stocking and I was shopping. I no longer shop at Super Walmart, but even when I did I didn't touch their meat or produce.