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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by jgreen03, Jan 22, 2008.

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    Everything went fine. He was charged with domestic abuse. For hitting husband. We can now have contact which makes me happy. He will have a year of probation and counseling and after that charges will be dropped. He got a new job and waiting to hear if he can attend the alternative high school. So hopefully this is a blessing in disguise. Being on probation will keep him on tract hopefully. He hasn't been in trouble with the law so hopefully this will be a wake up call and he will straighten himself out. I truely hope so. He wants to come for a visit probably this weekend. The little ones will love that.
    Thanks to all for good thoughts.
  2. Ephchap

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    Hooray! Sounds like a great outcome, JMS. With him being on probation, it will hopefully be enough to keep him in line because he'll always know that things can go from bad to worse very quickly if he goes against the terms of his probation.

    Fingers crossed that things keep going in the right direction. A job and possible alternative schooling are definitely good signs that he wants to try to turn things around.

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    I'm so glad things came out better than you'd hoped!

    Good news!

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    I am glad things worked out! Here's to a New Year! Lets hope everyone stays on track!
  5. DDD

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    I'm happy it went well. He has a chance to get his act together and I am hoping he can seize the opportunity. Hugs. DDD