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    My sons attorney contacted me yesterday. There will be a preliminary hearing Nov. 9th in Waco concerning the abuse he endured while in a juvenile correctional facility.

    The judge had to approve the method in which testimony from other inmates could be presented. Many of the juveniles are still incarcerated and due to strict privacy policies, they will not be allowed to be in court.
    They were all moved to other facilities and their statements will be assigned a # and only the judge will know their names. This is being done in order to guard against retaliation by corrections personnel.

    In the meantime, my son is doing well. He is working and his boss loves him. The Wal Mart charges were dropped. He is staying with members of his father's family. He has cleaned up his act and still seems happy.
    He has been respectful towards me, and has even taken me out for dinner.

    I realize that things can turn on a dime, but for right now in this moment I will embrace the good and continue to love him where he is at. I truly believe that his finding his "missing" piece did more good than the many years of therapy and medications could do. He found his own way without my standing in the background wringing my hands.
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  2. Tanya M

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    and this is a good place to be.
    Thanks for sharing this.
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  3. New Leaf

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    This is awesome.

    A good affirmation for me to stand strong-to stop wringing my hands.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. jude-in-nj

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    I don't know the back end of your story (will look when I have more time) but this sounds like wonderful news ((hugs))
  5. Childofmine

    Childofmine one day at a time

    Pas I'm so glad to hear this. Continued hopes and prayers for you and your son. Relax into this day.
  6. nlj

    nlj Well-Known Member

    I'm so happy for you Pas. x

    "He found his own way..."

    I love this.

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  7. Sherril2000

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    This is amazing! Thanks for sharing some good news!
  8. PatriotsGirl

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    Love!!!! :)
  9. TerryJ2

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    Pasa, this is an amazing twist of fate. Who would know? I am so glad that your son is working, and that things are moving in the right direction. I'm sending support and strength to get through the hearing and move on afterward. I really hope that it changes things. Good for you two!
  10. recoveringenabler

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    Thank you for the update, I'm happy for you and for your son.
    Saying a prayer for both of you......
  11. Lil

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    I'm glad for you Pasa. You deserve some good news.
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