Court hearing updates and request info. on Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

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    I am just starting a new thread which is a continuation of my previous ones from last month. It took quiet a while to get to the next step due to some complications.

    The psychiatrist evaluation of my difficult child from the detention center recommended a group home or Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Basically psychiatrist came to a conclusion that difficult child has oppositional issues and high defiance and may be bipolar. He couldn't tell for sure about the bipolar, due to the non-compliance of difficult child in the tests. But he concluded that home setting treatment, even if it is intensive therapy, is not going to work. His recommendation was, try the group home and if it doesn't work Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    Prosecutors went for Residential Treatment Center (RTC). difficult child won't agree (he thinks he doesn't have any issue and everything would be fine if he went back home). So the court had to engage a public defendant for him. In any case the final outcome was that the judge ruled that difficult child has to be in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and probation for 18 months. difficult child is back to detention till the court finds a suitable Residential Treatment Center (RTC). difficult child was ordered to co-operate for interviews etc. He is very upset.

    Now the organization which is helping out is looking for Residential Treatment Center (RTC). They mentioned that it is going to be in NJ and based on the availability and the acceptance after the interview. They also mentioned that if we have funds we can choose. I barely have any. But thinking loud, between the school district and insurance, may be I can pitch in something if that helps to find a good Residential Treatment Center (RTC),

    Any body knows or first hand experience with any good Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s around NJ area. If so please send me a private email to my inbox.

    Thanks all and Regards
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    Honestly, if the courts are willing to pay for the Residential Treatment Center (RTC), I would let them fund it. They probably have access to more of these places than you do. Your insurance is most likely not going to pay for long and doubt the school would. Not with his diagnosis's and him dropping out of school. Check your mental health website for dual diagnosis Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s and see what you can find there.
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    There are RTCs and there are RTCs. Most you find listed deal with substance abuse, and fewer with dual diagnosis. Actually, I think the drug is the easier part to deal with, although it is not a 30-day (or 60 or 90) deal, so you should focus on the behavioral and MH aspects as key in selecting one.

    My impression is that state-run facilities and those that largely have state-paid patients are less effective than "private" facilities that have at least a good number of "private-pay" (even if insurance) patients. That your difficult child dropped out of school may complicate getting the local schools to pay part, but you might check with an advocate or education attorney on that. If the state will pay X and you plus maybe insurance and/or the local school in some combination can cover the cost of a good place you find, which is your idea, that would be the best.

    I do know places in Connecticut and in Pennsylvania I could suggest, but the PA place is quite costly at over $10,000/month. The CT place is eastern CT, so not too close to NJ. I figure no Residential Treatment Center (RTC) stay dealing with behavioral issues under 9 months or so is worth the effort, but if the judge would make his order to cover perhaps 12-14 months in Residential Treatment Center (RTC), and the balance on probation including follow-up therapy/sessions, it could prove worthwhile. But ... many good RTCs dealing with difficult child-type situations stop at 18, so another thing to consider when selecting. And those I know taking over-18 aren't near NJ.

    Final thought: IF the judge would rule accordingly and you could arrange the funding (perhaps $12,000 but could run much more depending on selection), starting with some time in a good wilderness program could prove worthwhile.
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    Thanks. Would you please send me a private mail with schools in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. My difficult child drug issue is minimal and he has more of behavioral issue. That is why I am struggling to see the right schools. Regards