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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by exhausted, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Today my daughter was sentenced for stealing her brother's car. She recieved formal probation with a bunch of pretty strict boundaries. She will do a work camp to pay her brother back if she doesn't get a job within the month. She is ordered into therapy, though the judge said she had already had plenty of that (you think?) and it was up to her to work her skills. She is under his juristiction until age 21 but she was told that with one infraction, she would go to secured care. They are not releasing her from DT until we set up a program with the PO. They gave us a tough guy-at least that is what they told us. He is on the judges team-they now work in teams with a judge. She went in there with a plan and schedule. He gave it back to her and said he wasn't impressed. He also told her that he thought he would be seeing her again for breaking the law, "Prove me wrong difficult child." he said. I am scared for her-he is done playing around and so are we as parents. I hope she pulls her head out and uses her DBT skills and gets herself going. Please keep us in your prayers.

    I have been busy with setting up my classroom so I have not had time to respond to everybody but I have read and am praying for us all. PG-I am glad you have a little bit of peace. AG-you are doing great and I am rooting for you (wow what a decorator you are!). Nancy-glad difficult child was human at family event. TL-I'm am glad your boy is where he is. Sig. hoping for some difficult child brain growth and that he gets upright. DDD thinking of you and your health and difficult child. I know I missed people, but I think of you daily and feel blessed to have this online group. ((((HUGS)))
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    Hi Exhausted,
    Well, I guess things went as expected. I will pray that she will work the program and prove the PO wrong. Whatever happened with abuser's fiancee who works at DT? Does the judge know this?
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    Crossing my fingers for difficult child to prove PO wrong. It is time to stop playing around. Her choices and her future, she has to remember that at all times. (hugs) Sometimes this is the wake-up call they need. No more staus quo. She can do it, I'm rooting for her.
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    I think that's probably the best outcome. It's up to her now to follow the plan.

    My easy child has been busy setting up her classroom too. And I've been busy running around helping her. Good luck this year in your classroom.

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    Fingers crossed and caring thoughts sent. The ball is in her park now and I hope she is mature enought to "get it". Hugs. DDD
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    I'm so thankful this is over, at least the court part, and you can begin to move on. I'd love for my difficult child to get someone like that. Maybe it is exactly what your difficult child needs. At least, that is my prayer.

    Hope you can get some rest this weekend.
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    It sounds like a good outcome and at least the waiting is over. I hope she does prove the judge wrong.

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    Thanks everyone. CJ the fiance was moved to another unit while difficult child is there-I informed the unit of the issue and they took care of it. I'm glad.

    Don't know if she can do it. She has so little self control. I am going to voc-rehab to see what we need to do there. The counselor said he would help as well. I am told they can help her with independent living and housing as well as school. Perhaps a change of places will help???? It takes a long time to get through their paper work, but it seems our next step.
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    So relieved it's done. I hope this helps move her forward. Hugs. You are amazing.
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    Hi EXH - I will post more later - but I am so glad that things seem to be taking positive steps. I have been thinking of you and keeping you and your daughter in my prayers. {{{hugs}}}
  11. pasajes4

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    Probation can be a blessing. There is an emotionally uninvolved adult enforcing what you have been doing all along.