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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by pinevalley, Feb 18, 2012.

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    Has anyone on this board had court ordered rehab for their difficult child? Do you know if the sheriff or police have the responsibility of delivering the teen-ager to the rehab facility? My h and I want to ask the court to order rehab for our difficult child, but I want to make sure that the sheriff will really drive our difficult child to the rehab center. If my difficult child is in jail in Chicago, we would like to ask the court to order difficult child to be sent to a private rehab facility that is 50 miles away (and in a different county than the jail). We are willing to pay for the rehab, but I'm not exactly sure how court ordered rehab works. I would appreciate any advice from others who have asked for court ordered rehab for their difficult child. Thanks,
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    I can only tell you what I know for our area. If court orders rehab here they transport the person themselves, however it is usually to one of the treatment centers that our courts use in the area. If it's a private rehab that far away I don't think they would do the transport. If you are worried about getting him there yourself I would ask if they can provide transport and you will pay or if they can arrange a private transport for you and you will pay.

    Is there someone at the court you can call and ask?

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    Monday is a court holiday here, and I can ask our attorney about this on Tuesday. My h and I are just wondering if the sheriff will agree to transport our difficult child to the private rehab facility. Thanks for the info about your area.
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    Oh yes I forgot about the holiday. I hope they agree to do it. Is it all set up for him to be admitted there if it's ordered?

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    Yes, the rehab facility will take difficult child as soon as the court orders rehab for him. We just have to find a way to make sure that difficult child will be delivered to rehab safely. My h and I tried to drive difficult child to rehab last week and he became out of control in the car, screaming and trying to get out of the car. We are not going to go thru that again.
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    PV - I don't know. But I bet the rehab center might know-or they may have transportation available. Just a thought .
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    Sig: I asked one counselor at the rehab center how the court ordered rehab works, but he was not particularly helpful. I think that I'll call the center again on Monday and try to ask someone else. They did tell me that more than half of the older teens in rehab are there because they are ordered to attend by the courts.
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    I am wondering what the mechanism is for the court to order rehab? I believe where we live there are two ways... one is a court case where a person has been charged with a crime and the defense attorney and the DA agree on a plea agreement which includes rehab. Clearly if the person did not follow that they could be put back in jail. In this case the defendant of course has to agree to the plea agreement and understand the consequences if they don't follow through. This has been what has happened a couple of times with my son. In our case we got him to rehab which was out of state.

    The other way is to go to court and get the person committed to rehab because they are a danger to themselves or others... this can be difficult to do but i have seen it done.

    I don't think here anyway, that the court would just order rehab if it was not one of these two I am a little confused how the court will order rehab in your sons case? Do they do it differently where you live?

    As far as transport that is a good question.....not sure how it would happen if part of plea deal. If it was court committment then I think the court would provide transportation but I am not sure how they choose the facility.

    I think a lot will depend on how your son feels about being in jail and will he be scared enough to follow through if he knows that if he doesn't he will end up back in jail? After two weeks in jail my son was willing to do anything not to be there again. (Unfortunately I am not sure the fear of jail has stayed with him).

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    What about hiring an off duty officer to accompany you, h, and difficult child to the facility?
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    Thanks for the input. I would like to hire an off duty officer, or even a couple of very large strong college students to take difficult child to the facility. I'll just have to ask our defense attorney how difficult child will be sent to rehab, when he is in the office on Tuesday.
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    PV...i can imagine how hard it is to wait. Sending you hope and faith...
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    They do have escort services available but I am not sure if courts allow them. I know they are used to get people to Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s. When Cory was sent from one psychiatric facility that he couldnt stay in because it was an adult facility with no teen unit they had to find a place with a teen unit and the only one they could find was at the state psychiatric hospital. They tried to scare me into not place him there but little did they realize that was the placement I had wanted for several years so that backfired on A state trooper transported him that night and I wasnt even given the option of taking him. I wouldnt had they asked. I had plans that evening.
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    TL I think probably in PV's difficult child's case they are hoping he orders rehab in lieu of a prison sentence, so in that case it is court ordered. In our county we have drug court. Any case that comes before the judge if the defendant is using drugs, he/she becomes eligible to have that case sent to drug court. The prosecutor does not have to agree but often times they will and often times the defense attorney will request it but the judge can order it himself with no input from anyone. Here they are trying to cut down on the number of people in our jails and realize many crimes are committed because the person is on drugs and so they feel it's a win/win situation.

    PV you may try calling your police department, we had several offer to provide off duty surveillance when we were having property damage done to our home. I would not want to hire college students or anyone not trained in this work because of liability.

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    If you revoke his bail and he is their custody I am pretty sure they will take him, the fact that you want a certain facility may mean that you are responsible to get him there, if the court approves the facility.

    My difficult child was court ordered to rehab TWICE and both times because he had been arrested, they drove him, he was not released from jail before going. His was not a plea deal but was what the judge actually sentenced him. I have always believed that Florida's govenor's (Bush) own very public drug problems with his difficult children helped drug users get rehab instead of jail time.

    At least one of Bush's difficult children was arrested for forging presciptions for drugs, she was sent to rehab, don't know if it was court ordered Occupational Therapist (OT) not. Then she was caught with drugs while in the program. Can you imagine the horror of having what your difficult child does in the news! I think I would hide lol!!!!

    Sadly, it did slow my difficult child down, but he did continue drinking and whatever else after being released, but it was the last time he was arrested.
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    PV, we paid an escort service to take our difficult child to Residential Treatment Center (RTC). It was recommended. 2 big people came, she went calmly with hate in her eyes. Her last words to me were, "I will never forgive you." So be prepared if you do that. We once also had to call 911 when she went nuts as we were trying to take her to phospital. The ambulance came. (Way too expensive-but paid by insurance because she was admitted). If he has a PO they can transport with help, at least here.