Court postponed, Law Advocate came thru

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Jul 6, 2012.

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    The poor prosecutor, LOL, she said, what is up with this kid? The law advocate was the third of fourth (depends on if you count the officer who left her a message too, not sure if she actually talked to her yet)... But after talking to the neurologist, the neuro said that they promised it would not be threatening etc. I said well that is if you are looking thru a typical child's eyes I suppose. Even on a good day he may not be quiet or respectful of the court as we expect. He just can't stop talking sometimes.

    So the law advocate explained the situation, said she is shocked that it has gone this far, the prosecutor said why is everyone saying this kid just can't go into a court room? So she explained how he is triggered and has anxieties and fears then can go into fight or flight. SHe asked about IQ and functioning and if he knows right from wrong. The law advocate explained that he might be able to say if something is right or wrong, but he can't access that information in real life when needed. She explained that many kids, esp with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) can say back the meanings of words but it does not know the general real life applications of the concepts. So, she agreed to gather information, and set the date for the end of the month.

    The law advocate said there is a chance that we may never even have to go that day.

    The prosecutor said that it says in the report that I went back after the incident and "talked" to psycho. UMMM, I never even went into the school that day, they brought Q out. We had all of his home based school at other sites, we had all IEP meetings at the district center and even when they called me to pick him up pycho was not part of that conference call. I got all of Q's stuff back because Mr. Sp. ed. Admin brought it to an IEP meeting at the district center or they passed things thru the home bound teacher. I have not so much as driven by the parking lot since that day in Feb. What they were trying to imply by that???? Clearly he has no morals at all to lie like that.

    I hope this woman sees this for what it is. She asked that the law advocate take the lead in gathering all information from all sources so we will send everything to her.

    Hopefully there is a chance. Keep the prayers and all the rest of what anyone feels will help going! We appreciate every speck of support!
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    You have them from me buddy! This has been such a long, tough road for you and no one deserves the best of breaks more. I really hope this all works out in the end as it should. No, I KNOW it will!
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    I'm here cheerin' for you Buddy, prayers, good wishes and lots of board ju ju for an outcome that is positive for YOU and Q. Hugs for you too as you go through it all. You're an amazing woman.
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    Cheers and squeezing your hand hopefully!
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    Thank you! I forgot to add a weird thing, the advocate asked me if I had gone in to talk to psycho. The prosecutor had said something was in the report that I had gone in and??? I never got a clear answer about what that was supposed to even mean. The fact is that I didn't even go in to get Q back in Feb when the incident happened. They brought him out and I have not even so much as driven past the school parking lot since then. All IEP meetings and home bound schooling was done out of the school. I couldn't even stomach going to return library books there. I certainly would NOT talk to him and have not seen him at all. What a jerk.
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    I'm rooting for you!
    I hope your answer to the advocate was clear and loud and that she understood it.
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    Very, very good!
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    Reason is winning??? Thank God!
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    Oh my! Psycho is leaving himself open to getting a real spanking by the judicial system. Karma is a -------.:beafraid:
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    Now....once can exhale for a day or two. I'm so happy that the adults in Court used their brains. sure would be nice if Psycho pays a price for his misdeeds but mainly I want you guys to feel safe and relaxed again. DDD
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    I'm glad to hear the the law advocate explained to the prosecutor why Q "can't just go into court," and that she seems to actually get it a little. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you both.
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    Thumbs up!! I'm holding my breath for you (and Q) that gets ddropped!
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    Here's hoping, buddy!
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    Maybe the prosecutor needs to witness a transition or two huh? THAT would answer her questions as to WHY anything? I told you psycho is going to lie and also lie by omission so charges are filed. I would love to be the one to make him provide the PROOF that you went to talk to him after. That would be a show worth paying for. When all is said and done and C has gotten EVERYTHING to the prosecutor and the prosecutor realizes what kind of low-life the psycho is.....I wouldn't be surprised if psycho isn't charged with filing a false report. THAT would also be priceless.

    Strong pillar of support (difficult child 2, LOL) and lots of {{{{HUGS}}}} from me are being sent your way.
  15. Great news on the law advocate!! I hope this ends for you soon and the prosecutor sees the ridiculousness of this whole case.