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    UGH!!! we had court today for difficult child. They were able to get the new charges dropped (thank GOD) but unfortunately the JPO office did not have a plan for him. The facility that he had been banking on said he did not meet criteria and the INS. said they would let him do treatment foster but the JPO thinks that he will be unsuccessful so they detained him again waiting for a new evaluation which I was sure they would do but the JPO got difficult child all worked up telling him they they were going to let him come home today :grrr: so difficult child was VERRRY upset when they detained him.I wish they wouldn't do that ****.:angrygirl: It made me mad today.
    difficult child was detained originally because he was going to the bathroom at school and the asst. principal saw him in the hall and accused him of being in a fight because he was sweating (because he is overweight and out of shape and ran across campus from the portables to the bathroom) he was picking at his zits so he was bleeding and his pants were torn (they were like that when he left the house)--anyway she accused him of fighting and told him to go to ISS and he said that he hadn't been fighting and was just going back to class so she called security and difficult child ran off campus (not smart I know) so got in trouble for probation violation. He walked to the church and was gone for six hours between leaving school and getting to the church. I sat there today and listened to a kid that is difficult child's age that had 7 felony charges that were dropped. Major charges!!!! and he got off --they are just going to send him back to his mother in another state. Another kid had probation violation and was missing for 3 days and it got dropped.
    Why then is my difficult child still in there when they are just waiting on a medical evaluation. UGH!!!!! I wish they would get there stuff together and plan something instead of just detaining him because they don't know what to do.!!!:mad:
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    As in other situations posted tonight, it seems that law enforcement and the justice system often do not know their right hand from left, nor do they care. It's absolutely apalling to me. This shouldn't be rocket science, yet somehow, the powers that be seem to be quite skilled at taking a simple problem and tangling it up into an unrecognizeable and unmanageable mess. I'm so sorry you are stuck in this situation -- I wish I had some practical advice to offer, but I've never been in your shoes. I hope others have some good advice for you.
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    Mog, things that make you say hmmmm... It's so hard to know what the motivation and expectations are of both law enforcement and the judicial system in this case. It's a mess. I hope there is a positive outcome as a result of the testing.

    Positive thoughts and board mojo.....

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    I'm on your team. The large team of parents who just don't understand why one kid gets nailed to the wall and many kids (and adults) don't even get a slap on the hand for violent and repeat crimes. How to heck are the kids suppose to "get it" when parents can't even understand. Worse yet...the parents who haven't experienced "the system" in person actually believe that the system is fair. I'm sorry. DDD
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    True- there are adult violent offenders, including sex offenders, around here that get less time incarcerated than difficult child got. on the other hand, a recent trial of a sex offender who didn't have opportunity to accomplish what he was trying to just landed him the rest of his life behind bars- and some murderers get out in 15 years. I'm not saying I think the sex offender should be free because I don't think we have ever seen any successfully rehabilitated- I jwas just using that as an example.
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    My difficult child said yesterday after court when we went to visit at the facility that he thinks the judge just doesn't like him. I didn't know what to say--they are not suppose to do that but I SEE that it seems to be what is happening. My difficult child was talking to another difficult child while court was in recess and he told the other boy that if the judge could save one child --him or the other guy -- my difficult child is convinced that he would save the other kid. It broke my heart and I wanted to jump up and tell my difficult child that I would save him but the security guard was there and I did not want to get difficult child in trouble not to mention that I have no idea how I am suppose to do that.