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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Nov 19, 2012.

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    DA asked to talk to me. Strange man. He decided to punt til 9am in the morning as he wants to talk to arresting officer. Court clerk said difficult child should be released today so I guess that wasn't supposed to happen.

    Problem is....difficult child is sober now. Insurance may not let him into inpatient. Rehab said one more day was pushing it. DA may ask rehab to come assess difficult child in jail which I tried to get done today. Frankly I don't think anyone has ever asked that here before.

    If insurance denies, difficult child will have to wait until he is released, hold on a few days to a week, and then use again or say he did. I asked rehab guy if that's what it will take. He said he didn't say that but I understood the system.

    Going to Alanon. Girl who told me where difficult child's car said her mom would be here. Then she texted me and asked if she could come too. Yes!!!! I need company.

    Going to a motel and then back to court in am. Whatever God wants.

    Just know I will fall apart when I get to motel. Exhausted.

    difficult child can stay in jail for months. Ok by me. The longer he stays, more likely he will recover.
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    VERY true!!!! Better off in jail and sober! Get some rest when you can!!
  3. buddy

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    Oh my word. What a run around .....many hugs.....
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    Stay in touch, thinking if you xo
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    You must be mentally and physically exhausted. Sending good thoughts for tomorrow.
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    Sending supportive thoughts, prayers and hugs. Somehow having the Courts involved always brought tears to my eyes......but never in front of anyone. Sigh. DDD
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    Sending hugs to you. Hoping it all works out.
  9. AmericanGirl

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    I'm home. difficult child in rehab. Likely 15 days inpatient.

    sit down for this co-pay was less than $100. But difficult child's benefits for rehab are gone.

    interesting day. Pooped. Post tomorrow but here are the basics.

    $1800 fines. 5 months suspended. 2 years probation. Court ordered rehab.

    either difficult child or I must go back in 3 weeks to prove he is in rehab.

    difficult child cooperative. Got tired at end and then a little controlling. He hadnt hardly eaten or slept so I understood yet was able to handle it well and he, for the most part, corrected himself when asked.

    Told him I hope he listened to the judge cause if not, he'd die from starvation if he had to serve those five months. Not kidding.

    Dont know what Id do without you all. Going to sleep 16 hours.
  10. buddy

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    Get some well deserved zzzzzzzz's. Glad he got rehab! Praying it works out.
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    sweet dreams dear friend...lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving...crazy the turns our lives take. {{{hugs}}}
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    Wonderful news. Court ordered rehab just after rehab benefits exhausted! You couldn't have asked for anything better. One day at a time. He is safe and warm.

    Sleep well!
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    Court ordered rehab is great!!! Definitely get some rest now momma.... (((HUGS)))