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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Trial tonight for DUI. They offered Minor in Consumption - but that would mean his license would be suspended for 30 days - on top of the 90 days he got when arrested. Not possible - he has to work to stay in sober house.

    Attorney was magnificent. Said he was laying low so we'd go last. Officer didn't show. Judge said we can continue or he can take deal. Attorney talked judge into watching dashcam video to see if there was probable cause.

    difficult child wasn't driving badly when he was pulled over.
    Officer approached car with breathalyzer in his hand.
    Never told difficult child he could refuse to take test.
    Officer told difficult child he could smell alcohol. Was stormy night. Attorney asked judge whether he believed that given the almost gale force winds.

    Judge turned video off. Not guilty. Although they can come back and charge him for minor in consumption, it is doubtful they will.

    I think it was the right call for many reasons. difficult child went back to sober house. They made him get a note from me and from judge. I like their oversight.

    Thanks for the prayers and good wishes. So nerveracking!!!
  2. Kathy813

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    Hooray! What a great outcome. I am so glad that your difficult child can stay in the sober house and continue to work on recovery.

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    That is one sharp lawyer!
    You're probably still running on adrenalin, but... at least difficult child got a good judge.
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    Great news that he is able to stay working on his program. It is just awful when they get going on something then it is disrupted....happy news today!
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    Great news. I hope you can rest and relax a bit now, this stuff is so stressful! HUGS!!
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    I'm glad it turned out as it did so he can keep the job and remain in sober house. What was his reaction?

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    Phew/Whew. DDD
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    Nancy, I honestly can't complain about one second of difficult child's behavior during court yesterday. I was afraid he would be self-righteous afterward but he wasn't.

    I gave him cash but attached two strings....things he needed to do by Friday. He did one this morning by 9:30 am.

    It's progress and I'm grateful.

    Every time I think about that videotape, I get angry. After I posted, I realized, he had my son in handcuffs and was screaming questions at him, while threatening, don't you lie to me. My son was almost motionless the entire time and complied fully. The attorney pointed that out to the judge....biggest issue...he NEVER read him his rights.

    I feel totally different about our police force after all I have seen these last seven months.
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    I'm so glad that this case against your difficult child was dismissed. I know how nerve wracking these court sessions can be. I hope you can relax and put all this behind you now. HUGS...
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    AG, great news and glad difficult child is at sober house. It did not take me long to see that police are just people and many of them are pretty stessed by the job and lack of positive outcomes. Some of these guys just don't have the heart and are so "bad-a#@". We never felt good about any we called to our house for help...except one women. She got it and wasn't on a power trip. She understood the struggles with difficult children and was supportive.

    Take care of yourself :)