Court update on criminal damanging

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Nancy, Oct 7, 2011.

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    The drug addict down the street that difficult child was living with who came to our door in the middle of the night and damaged the door by kicking it was to have a hearing Monday morning. It was once again continued so husband finally made contact with the prosecutor. The jerk was provided a copy of the videos and audio tapes we made of his actions and he is no longer saying he didn't do it. Defense attorney asked prosecutor is she would object to the first offenders program and she said it would not even be considered unless he made full restitution and agreed to a restraining order. Druggie tried to claim he could not have caused that much damage with bare feet, as the tape shows. Prosecutor told his attorney the audio tapes make it clear the extent of the damage. She also told his atty that there has been a long sting of problems with he and his family against us and it is documented with the police.

    Next hearing is November 1, hopefully he will agree to pay the total damages and we can be done. I'm sure he never expected us to be able to prove he was the perpetrator since he thinks we are idiot parents who abused our difficult child. Prosecutor asked if we were willing to agree to the first offenders program if he made restitution and no contact order. I said yes, I could care less about his rehabilitation or punishment because it was only a matter of time before he got arrested for more serious crimes, I just want to be done with him and his family.

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    I am glad you had the cameras and equipment to capture what he was doing. He sure is an idiot and probably will be caught doing a lot more. I hope the Nov 1 hearing deals with all of this and you no longer have to hassle with it. I am glad that you are going to court though. Sadly, the restraining order may not stop him but at least it will mean if he bugs you again he faces more serious charges.

    Part of me thinks we should start a pool to see if they discover more serious charges or he gets arrested for something else before the next hearing, lol. He seems dumb and drug addled enough that it could happen.
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    yay. glad it is moving along....
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    Way To Go, Nancy. :thumbsup:
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    Ok...Im bettin woman. Here are my bets.

    mommy and daddy offer him something really good to take the plea. He takes the Nov 1 plea. mommy and daddy pay the money.

    Bad boy breaks his first offenders program by violating his PO by giving you the middle finger while mooning you from his buddy's car while drunk one night when he is out after curfew.

    All by Xmas. 2011
  6. Star*

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    You have offered him a chance to get his proverbial mess together - it's more than most would have offered. If he takes the chance and does something with his life more than mess it up further? It's his choice. All of the things he did were his choice. What you have done to put your life back in order were your choice. They had nothing to do with him. Nuf sed. I applaud your wisdom.
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    Haha Janet, he's an adult so no curfew. He's gotten into plenty of trouble as a juvie and no reason to think he will change now. He's a musician and of course he needs drugs to be creative he says, and daddy told me years ago he smoked/smokes pot his entire life and he's fine lol. Guess he's unaware that junior has escalated to heroin now.

    Star, you've summed up how I feel.

    I know he thought we were too stupid to catch him. I'm just glad that now he and his family knows that we know what he did.