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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by house of cards, Feb 28, 2008.

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    I wanted to thank you ladies for your advice awhile back when I was shocked by my son's arrest for shoplifting. I did follow your advice and got him a lawyer and the charges were reduced to disturbing the peace. In true difficult child fashion he was full of arrogance after it was done but he had a good scare and will be working for quite awhile paying for this. Just wanted to let you know the outcome...I don't think this will hurt him long term at all. This kid is soooo lucky.
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    Kathie, I'm old and have a lousy memory. Can you add some info about your difficult child to your signature? I am assuming you aren't talking about any of the kids listed there. lol

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    Suz, I have 3 older bio kids, I took them off my sig cuz I didn't have enough room LOL. I also thought they really didn't quaify for a difficult child diagnosis but B my now 21 yo loves to live on the edge. He is my second born, first born was/is a perfect easy child, B had me reading "The Strong Willed Child at 18 months. He was diagnosed ADHD around age 8, medicated only for school and stopped (his decision) when he went to college. He has worked steady since he was 16, unless in school. He is very bright with a good heart. difficult child traits would be arrogant attitude at times, ability to argue any issue anytime and extreme skill with B.S.
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    Thanks for clarifying.....I was ready to have you sit down and tell him IF this ever happens again he will be on his own and you will not step in with attorney or monetary support......then I saw your oldest in signature was 9........whoa.........

    I would make it clear to B that this was his one-time scrape with the law......NO MORE CHANCES.....