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    difficult child had his court date yesterday for violating his probation skipping classes at school.

    The mental health court people have agreed that he needs to go to a residential treatment facility. We have two here locally that I'm going to contact. Hopefully we can get him in fairly quickly.

    I think I have all the information already that we will need. They said he will have to have a physical before he goes, so I'll call on Monday and make that appointment too.

    Hopefully, we will finally be able to get a more truer diagnosis and start working on difficult child getting the help he needs.
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    I hope this leads your difficult child in a positive direction towards getting his life in order. When my difficult child lived at home and did go to school, I had hoped so many times that someone at the school would take notice that she was skipping and actually enforce the law. I think that would have been more beneficial for her in the long run. Good luck.
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    I hope the facilities are a good fit for his needs. I would go and get the physical done as soon as possible so that if there is an open bed there is no delay waiting for hte doctor exam.

    I am not sure Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s do much in the way of testing. You may want to see if you can find a neuropsychologist who will do very comprehensive testing. You can probably arrange a pass from the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) to take him for the testing. From what I understand, you have to take him to and from the facility to the neuropsychologist and back. But that could be a good thing. You wouldn't have to release the info from the testing until you see it and are sure you agree with it.

    Whatever you do, be SURE you ask about testing when you are speaking with the facility. What they offer, how they do it, who does any testing that the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) does, what kind of report you will get, and if you can take him for neuropsychologist testing if they don't offer that.

    Also ask who the psychiatrist(s) on staff is, how often your son will see him, if YOU can speak with him and how often (believe it or not, when Wiz was in the psychiatric hospital for 4 months they did not let parents even meet with the psychiatrist at all!!! All info was supposed to go through the family therapist or nurses on staff. Parents were not even encouraged to go to the "staffing" meeting where each child's case was reviewed each week.)

    You really do NOT want to wait much longer to have neuropsychologist testing done (thorough testing if he has had a neuropsychologist do just a few hours of testing). He is going to be 18 before many years pass. Once that happens you lose a LOT of chances to help him.

    If this gets the help he needs then I am very glad he was caught being truant. I am sorry for the extra stress and chaos it has caused your family though. I hope that they can help.
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    Fingers crossed that this leads to a better future. Hugs. DDD