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    My daughter started high school this year. Its a very new school, just opened last fall. It is also a huge school. Well, nearly every other day since the beginning of school, I see teenagers running stop signs in the parking lot. I don't totally fault them, because some "genius" decided to plant trees in front of every single stop sign in the parking lot. We are talking atleast 20 stop signs. I have had to slam on my breaks and swerve to avoid them hitting me. I have also seen kids crossing the lanes in the parking lot on foot nearly be hit by the kids running the stop signs.
    So, I called the school about 2 weeks ago and they said i needed to speak with the grounds supervisor. I told him my concern and that especially since these kids are new drivers, they are not going to think, gee is there a stop sign behind that tree?
    Well today I had to go check out easy child she wasn't feeling good. I see all sorts of lawn equipment and trucks in front of the school. Great I figured, they are finally doing something about this. I stop into the school office to MAKE sure they are doing something and the grounds supervisor came up to the office. He said no they are not fixing the problem today. I said well do you know when? He said he has no idea, that all he can do is put in a work order with the city. I am furious. They act like this is no big deal, when in fact, I am afraid to go through that parking lot every day. I have had traumatic experiences with car accidents and it just adds to my anxiety every day knowing that i might be hit or witness someone being hit.
    I have thought about waiting one more week (but not sure if i should even wait) and go take pictures and email them to a local news station.
    am i over reacting? what do yall think i should do?
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    Take your digital camera and take pictures from the viewpoint of the driver. Then email cc copies to the school superintendent, school principal, PTO president, city manager, and mayor.

    I did that once to get no parking signs placed around a school crosswalk and they had someone out the next morning. Didn't help much because it's not enforced, but they did take immediate action...
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Take pictures.....
    Take video.......

    Take a bloody chain saw and cut the freaking bushes out of the way.

    You actually should call the city MANAGERS office....and ask to speak to him or her directly. Tell him/her you have already addressed your concerns with the school and they were hazy about a repair date, which you feel can be fatal.

    If you get no answer there - THEN I'd call the news station - but put in WRITING and WITH PICTURES ALL that you have done and said or it legally becomes he said she said and nothing will get solved. When you address a letter with a confirmation in writing upon receipt THEN you get people's attention.....their name is on it. Whether they pass the buck or do something - it's still ON THEM.....

    And I would think it's a director of transportation at the school not a grounds keeper.
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    I would talk to the principal or vice principal and ask that they find a way to make sure that everyone knows where every stop sign is. Notices home, assembly, parking permits that require a working knowledge of the lot. Whatever works.
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    Being the difficult child that I am, I think I might get a chain saw and go out about midnight and take care of the problem myself.
    No, probably not a good idea but I'd definitely be tempted.
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    I would take another angle also: Call the police department. Let them know your concerns about the kids running stop signs. State that you do realize that the sgns are not visable, however, the kids running them is a safety issue. Let them know about your near msses and your experience with the lot.

    Maybe if the police tell the city to remove the trees it may happen faster?

    Then talk to as many parents as you can. Ask all parents to call the police to complain about this dangerous traffic situation. If they get enough complaints, change will come quicker.
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    You are not overreacting.

    Call the news!
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    The principle is not the way to go. Sounds like he's at the mercy of the red tape. Go to the Mayor and Council and also the Board of Education. Send letters to the newspaper the day that you go to the council, to be sure that they don't push you down the agenda.
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    I had a similar situation in Vegas. To take a left turn out of my street, you COULD NOT see if there was any oncoming traffic because of trees. It was that slooooow edging out to see if there were cars. More than one accident occurred there.

    I didn't know who to contact, but cc'd nearly everyone on the list you guys mentioned with the attached photos of the last three accidents. They eventually did remove a few bushes and trim the trees far back, but it took months.