CPAP Compliance?

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    I know a number of us have CPAP machines or have family members with them. It seems that it is hard to get full compliance because it limits how a body can sleep. (And if you have a Gracie cat laying on your back means she will bat and pull at it until she dislodges it!)

    I was looking for a certain kind of pillow and ran across this CPAP pillow on . It seems pricey to me, but for some it might be well worth it if it helped with the apnea and the snoring that goes with it!

    Here is the link:
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That does seem expensive (to me), too, but in all honesty, if it works and you sleep better, it's worth every penny.

    husband still just uses his regular pillow, and now that he's on his third style of mask/machine combo he seems to be doing very well. I forget what it's called, but his mask only goes over his nose and the machine is now a bipap (I think) so the pressure changes for both the inhale and exhale. The regular mask always leaked on him (maybe due to facial hair?) and the CPAP still left him snoring. Since being on this new combination he hasn't snored at all. He's taking fewer naps during the day as well, so that also tells me his nighttime sleep is better.

    About the cat... can you close your door without Gracie throwing a fit (and scratching and meowing to get in)? Ours have been "hurled" across the room enough times (!) after messing with us at night to have learned to lay quietly at the foot of our bed. I'm not recommending animal violence (!!) but they can be trained to change their behavior if you are determined to make them stop doing something.
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    Gracie is not a real problem. Freckles got hurled once when I was in great pain and she leaped down on me from on top of a bookcase. She never again walked or leaped on top of me whild I was asleep. I wasn't even awake when it happened - husband said I never opened my eyes, it was just a reflex. And she was up next to me 2 minutes later.

    But Gracie is husband's cat. HE cannot sleep without her. right now they are BOTH playing a game with the mask. If I happen to see her messing with him all I have to do is tell her to knock it off (NOT meaning the mask) and she will go curl up on his chest or legs for the rest of teh night.

    HE started this by putting a little tuna juice on the mask one night because she was afraid of it.

    So HE gets NO SYMPATHY!!!

    And he would not ever think of saying no to Gracie for anything.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    :hammer: Sheesh! He sounds like my husband... used to think it was fun to get our cat Harley to pounce on his moving hand or foot under the comforter. Harley thought it was fun, too! But then Harley didn't understand that it wasn't o.k. to do this to husband's foot when he was sleeping, and so there were MANY nights when husband was woken rudely by claws attacking his twitching feet under the blanket! D'OH! I told him he had only himself to blame for that. Harley got booted off the bed a few times with a swift kick, and so now they don't play that "game" anymore. And I wonder why my difficult child's have to learn things the hard way.... the nuts don't fall far from the tree!
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    Thanks for the link Susie! We are having a really hard time getting compliance from difficult child, I'm willing to try anything!
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    I knew there was someone here having a tough time with it. I was thinking BBK, but I don't know where she has gone.