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    I hope this isn't getting too touchy or on a very sensitive issue to everyone- but I don't get this and would like others' opinions. Regarding all these kids that were taken because of the polygamist families- well, if I understood correctly, they were taken from home because of fear of young kids being married (ie raped) and forced to have kids or for the boys, possibly being kicked out of the compopund. I get that part. Then, they investigated and found that those cases were a small percentage and they don't really have a right to keep all these kids, and they can't find good homes for them all so some of these kids should probably be released back to their families. But, they (CPS and courts) will need to determine what the families need to do to get the kids back. Did I get that right?

    Now, don't get me wrong- I am not questioning the concern over the kids' safety. What I am wondering about is that if CPS came to my home and removed my child due to a concern, then checked it out and concluded that they had no reason to keep him and couldn't provide a better home, so he should come home- then where does the "they will determine what I need to do to get him back" come from? Ok if they find an ISSUE (if I'm doing drugs and they say I need to get off the drugs) that is different. But, either they decide there is an issue and then decide where to go from here, or if there is not an issue, then where do they get authority to tell me what I need to cahnge to get the child back home?

    Sorry- I am developing an issue over our government agencies telling us fit parents how we should raise our kids. (But, no, I am not in agreement that those kids have the ideal home life- it is the principal of being in a free country, to me.)

    If this is politically or religiously sensitive - I apologize a moderator or I can delete it. Sorry....
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    Klmno, I agree with you 100%. I don't agree with the way these families are living their lives or raising their kids, but in the world of CPS and a lack of viable foster homes, I think they have bigger fish they need to be frying, not keeping these kids away because their religion is stange to the rest of us.
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    If you do find an explanation, please share it with me, because I'm confused as well. While I agree that 13 and 14 year old girls (or anyone, for that matter) should not be forced into marriage and child-bearing, can CPS tell a family to change their religious beliefs in order to have their children returned? Would CPS return the children more quickly if their mothers would agree to leave the group? And then, how would they survive in a world they know nothing about, with no knowledge at all of what we consider to be basic information skills?

    I have a lot of questions, but no answers at all.
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    Count me as another confused.

    Apparently, they aren't being told they have to change their religion, but they have to take parenting classes and find a suitable living environment and something else I can't remember. It was very vague and I think a judge was asking for more specifics.

    They can't even determine how many adult women they have in foster care because the authorities think they are younger than they really are (no makeup, simple hairstyles, etc).

    It's really starting to sound like a witch hunt.
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    Can you imagine what being tossed into mainstream culture is doing to these kids? Yikes.
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    My opinion is that these children and even the grown women are brainwashed beyond individual thought. The teenage boys are dumped on the street to prevent competition for the young girls. It's a mess, and no one should be brought up to believe that is ok. They scare the bejeezus out of me.

    The government? Don't even get me started! At least they didn't go in with guns blazing. But I think the idea of "fixing" these families is hopeless. They have no free will.
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    CPS gets paid for every successful adoption, not for successful reunifications. How adoptable do you think 400 well behaved white children are? Unless they get a judge with a heart, they are not getting their kids back. It doesn't matter what they did or didn't do. It is so incredibly sad.
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    I had no idea adoption was even part of the plan. I did't think they had a plan, except to get the older kids out of there.
    Wow, 400 adoptable, well behaved white kids. Amazing.
    It would have been nice to have allowed the little kids and babies to remain. But that's the govn't. Still, I think the majority of them will go back. The Civil Liberties Union and other groups will get involved.

    Parenting classes sound good, but as others pointed out, most of these people are brainwashed. Except the one who reported them all. :)
    They are going to jump through hoops to get out as fast as possible and go back to their old lives. Even when people explain that it's illegal, many of them won't "get" it.