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    Agh! I went to have a sleep study done last night, 'cause my roomies and Mom say I snore like the dickens, and because I've been tired lately, enough to fall asleep at my desk.

    Sleep study wasn't exactly a nightmare, but I couldn't get into any of my normal sleeping positions 'cause of the wires, and I had REAL trouble falling asleep. Which I never do, usually out like a light. I had a monitor and a nasal cannula in, and I was having trouble breathing through my nose, which I usually do. That was ROUGH! :)

    The worst part was as the tech was taking all the leads off my head, he "reassuringly" mentioned that it would make me feel better to know that I don't snore. "You were on your back 3/4 of the night, if you snored, you would have done so"

    AGHHHHH I DO snore! Many people have told me so! Maybe I normally nose-snore, since I was forced to breathe through my mouth?? I have no idea if there even is such a thing. Hehe. So now I'm worried that the results will be all jacked up 'cause obviously it wasn't a normal night of sleep for me.

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    Exactly why I won't have one done. I'd never fall asleep in that environment no matter how tired I was, so the test wouldn't be accurate. Just knowing I was being *watched* would be enough to keep me awake, let alone all the wires and such.

    You may not have snored because you never reached a deep sleep. I don't snore unless in a deep sleep. Then it's loud. lol I told husband it's his payback for all the years he kept me awake before his surg.
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    We can send a man to the moon, but can't do wireless electrodes?
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    There is a sleep study you can do in the comfort of your own home. Ask your ENT about it. It's more accurate as well as comfortable.
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    My insurance company offers that, but only if you were "really bad off with signs of apnea". I wasn't on the deep end of awful, questionnaire-wise, so I got sent to the sleep lab, not home with a kit. I doubt they'll let me have a home-kit now, if the results come back nothin' doin'. :)

    I just hate that I'm sitting here waiting for results that I know 100% aren't accurate, no matter what they say. Mom says that when I was living at home, you could hear me through the walls. And my roommates woke me up on the couch a few days ago because I'd fallen asleep and was snoring. And this dude says I didn't snore all night? Agh! :) I'm more worried that this will be my one shot (insurance company gonna OK another??) or that my doctor will think I'm a crazy liar. Hehhee.
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    Hubby has had several sleep studies done. The first said he had apnea and needed a CPAP RIGHT NOW, but our insurance didn't cover it, so he never got it. The most recent one said there were no signs of apnea, even though he's gained quite a bit of weight and snores even louder.

    Hope you get some answers.
  7. Star*

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    My big dog snores......tonight I shall look for his nose canoodle....and remove it. :surprise:

    Thanks for the tip - never knew there were such things. :tongue:

    I don't know whether to tell you I hope you GET some sleep or Don't snore - or both - all I know is that when my big dog snores ? NO ONE sleeps, but him.

    Unless he REALLY starts sucking wind and sawing logs and eventually wakes himself up because he scared himself.

    My former boss was a notorious snore monster - his wife bought him stuff to spray on the back of his throat before he went to bed and she swears by that stuff. (not sure what words she uses) but it works.
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    So the results are in! Officially, no sleep apnea, "mild" snoring.....but....and here's the real shocker, apparently they noted "periodic limb movement" that was fragmenting my sleep, probably the reason I've been so tired. Basically restless leg syndrome for nighttime! I've got a followup with my regular doctor on Wednesday to discuss this.

    Uhhh...anyone got this one? I looked it up and stuff, but this is a new one on me. :) I've been told I snore, but no one's ever complained that I kick 'em. hehe. And I have to ask her about an ENT referral to see if my nose is the snore-culprit. Craziness!