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    I am a real newbie, when it comes to crafting. I've been doing pretty well, despite a limited skill level.

    I need multiple fabric squares for my current project. Is there a tool that would make it easier to cut fabric squares over and over?

    I've been using scissors - because that's what I have around the house - after marking the cloth with disappearing ink. This is a one by one time consuming process.

    Scissors have always been good enough, but maybe there is something better if I am going to continue this hobby.

    Suggestions :) ?
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    A rotary cutting tool and can probably be found at most fabric stores and even WalMart. Ask in the fabric department.
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    I saw the rotary tool on various websites; it looks like a pizza cutter. How do you use one of these cutters?
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    I use a rotary cutter to make my fleece blankets. But one caution, the rotary cutter does not work really well for squares cut in a large fabric because it is not precise enough, you can over or undercut and will still need scissors to finish it off. But I can see how you could use it to cut a strip of fabric and then cut your square from that strip. For example if you are cutting 5" X 5" squares you can rotary cut a 5" strip of fabric the length of the material and then just go thru and make cut's every 5" all the way down.

    You would need a rotary cutter and a ruler straight edge, which they sell at craft stores like JoAnn. You would also need a cutting board so you don't cut your table. You use the rotary cutter just like you would cut a pizza.. Make sure you buy extra blades if you are going to be doing a lot of cutting.

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    MORE FABRIC (repeat)

    LOOK MA I'm CUTTING SQUARES! :smug::tongue:
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    :rofl: star!

    I used an exceptionally sharp pair of scissors and fold the fabric several times. (like you would paper) *note this does not work well with slick fabric* And pin the fabric to keep it in place while cutting. I can get many squares at a time this way. But I don't do it often anymore..........
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    Three tools: a cutting mat, rotary cutter and a quilter's rule.

    How to video:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Make It Mine Magazine - Cutting Fabric Using A Rotary Cutter[/ame]