Crafters/Unscented Soap People??

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    I just found a great site selliing items to make you own soaps, lotions, etc.... The prices are the lowest I have found anywhere, though I don't know about shipping yet. I know some of us have sensitivities or kids with sensitivities to scents, and they have some amazing prices on unscented bases.

    These bases are unscented hand soap, melt and pour soap, shampoo, lotion, heavy duty lotion, hair gel, etc.... that you buy to add your own scents to and other items to. As they come, they do the job and have no scent. They do sell essential oils (great prices on these), oils to add to increase quality/marketability/other properties, and all manner of items needed to make or use these items.

    If you like Bath and Body Works lotions, and use a lot of them, they have their own version of some scents. They sell 64 oz of their version of the scents for under ten bucks, plus shipping of course. The price is amazing and a friend of mine says she cannot tell the difference in the scent, but the lotion is nicer than the BBW one.

    For those who are interested, the site is