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    As you all know difficult child earned his phase so now can go out on pass --so we had been catch and miss with difficult child's therapist to work out the details. Plan was to leave Friday early morning to go see ggf BUT husband's cousin --best man at our wedding-- went into the hospital thursday and we were hoping to go see him then NO ONE would tell us where he was (long, drawn out husband's family dynamics) So we did not get to go to see him. husband and I left home at 6 am and we got a call from cousin's girlfriend at 11 that IF we wanted to see him we had to go NOW (after him living in our area for several months- that we did not know- a whole other story that I KNOW I will need help with for all of you later ) well we were HOURS away so we could not go---Go pick up difficult child and took him shopping for things he needs first-well we get into the store and husband is being a jerk and I called him on it because it IS not fair to difficult child or me to have an attitude during the short period of time that we get to spend with him. difficult child and I walked off to find things he needed and husband found us later and apologized to me and I told him that WE both understand because we cared about his cousin too then I expressed to husband that difficult child has been doing so well and I did not want him dwelling on this and get himself into trouble. husband agreed and calmed down and we spent the rest of the day doing family stuff AND talking about our cousin that we will miss dearly. difficult child went swimming at the hotel pool --he made friend and told her his life story. Dropped difficult child off and went to get a drink when husband started falling apart. Made a million phone calls to find out about services but no answer it was a rough night. Picked difficult child up in the morning and took him fishing--he caught a nice sized German brown but since we didn't catch anything else we let him go ----maybe later more details about our funny excursion. difficult child talked to several family members amongst the calls for cousins services. Another rough night. Picked up difficult child for church then took him to breakfast and ran around to pick up the last things he needed then sadly had to say goodbye.
    WE spent some wonderful quality time with him- he has grown sooo much emotionally. He is so much more responsible and considerate.
    I know that it was difficult for me having just lost the best man at our wedding and one of the only family members on husband's side of the family that really even knew me and I KNOW that it was harder for husband since they were close. Since we have been back it still is a mess trying to find out the plan. OUR "distant"_not mile wise_ children decide to come. WE have had an experience. Friday Saturday Sunday---hurry up and drive to spend a couple of hours all the while thinking about what is going on at home.
    Now Monday -finally found out that the services are on Wednesday--he has already been cremated. So much family drama :( :(
    Sooooooooo much more to say but I really need to go to bed--need to take care of my grandbaby (since her mother won't do it!!!!UGH---- a whole nother story
    I am spent----goodnight --More Later I Promise
    difficult child---doing great! Sad I didn't get to spend time with MY mom. Grand baby a DOLL ---her mother and I are going to have to have it out for the best interest of grand bay!!!!!!!!
    "Kicking A** and taking names!!!!" --Great Grandma "Peggy"
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    I'm glad to hear that difficult child is doing better.

    Also, Sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one is so hard. {{{{Hugs}}}}