Creative drug hiding places...


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Share your difficult child's most creative hiding places. I thought this post might help others in our situation to know places to look...

I'll start, a few weeks ago difficult child called from the inpatient treatment facility and came clean to us about several of his hiding spots. (It was a huge step at the time!)
Anyway, one of them was a "scooter pipe". We have 4 kids and have several of those metal scooters laying around in the garage. The padding that is normally around the handles comes off very easily and get lost pretty quick. I don't think any of our scooters still have it? He removed a single screw and the handle pops right out by. After inserting some wire and a screen, he instantly had a pipe. The handle easily slides right back into place on the scooter and you'd never know it's alternative purpose. INSANE!

If difficult child hadn't come clean, we would have never known.

He usually stored his drugs in a deodorant bottle. (Under the part that twists up.) I would have never known this until one day when I noticed a deodorant bottle in the rabbit cage. I thought that was a strange toy for a rabbit and so I pulled it out and investigated further.

Very sneaky!
By far the most ingenious place was the compartment on his alarm clock that should hold the batteries. One that was so simple but easily overlooked was above the door frame on the inside of a linen closet. If only some of those brain cells could have been used for good!


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There have been drug busts at my school where drugs were found in the battery compartment of graphing calculators.

My difficult child was hiding beer cans inside the wheel well of her car. We didn't know until she was in rehab and we were getting the car ready to take down to her in Florida.



Taped to the backs of drawers (exterior), inside light switches, outlets, coat & clothing pockets, OTC drug containers, etc


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Click on the Archives for Substance Abuse and I think there is a thread on hiding places from "back in the day". DDD

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Not exactly the same thing, but our son used to hide his empty liquor bottles in the rafters in the basement (found by contractor we hired) and in the pockets of the hoodies he had hanging in his closet.


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Behind light switch and outlet plates
Taped to the underside of the bowl of the sink
Taped to the backside/inside of the cabinet frames
Behind baseboards
In empty pop cans (cigarettes mostly)
In between towels in the linen closet (she had her own shelf)
Above the medicine cabinet

Whew, I think that's all we've FOUND...


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I hesitated posting this, and as far as I know my daughter never hid her drugs er there, but...I do watch a lot of cop/jail shows...and they do this see...if you're hiding drugs...anywhere on your person....ok, I'm blushing bright red now and running out of the room!!!!


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In college the beds had a back sort of like a sofa and the bed pushed in about eight or nine inches when you were not laying down so it was more like a sofa. Most of the backs had been altered by previous residents so that they were hinged and would fold out to hide your booze, drugs, etc.. in. I know that many students later modified sofas, chairs, etc... using similar methods so that they could hide drugs etc... from parents and any cops who might investigate. Many of the home improvement shows teach you how to make cabinets that are recessed into the spaces in the walls between the studs. In high school I did some work for a landlord and had to learn to check the walls before an apt was okayed for a new tenant. It was a hassle because you had to check every single wall every 14 to 18 inches up high and down low. You would be astounded at how large the stashes we found were. One house had a hide in at least 2 walls in every one of the five rooms (including the bathroom - do you know how hard it is to find a hidey hole behind a toilet? Ick!) and I called the cops because we had huge bags of pot and some white powder and I did NOT want to have to deal with flushing it all. Turns out the tenant walked away from his lease with no notice because he got arrested for dealing and they had not been able to find his stash so they were close to dropping charges. They couldn't believe I called them, and neither could my boss. He had been either flushing anything he found or using it himself and he was NOT happy that I let the cops deal with it. I didn't know what else to do, the boss was off on a bender and I called my dad who said to get the cops there and NOT to touch it again. Since I called the cops, I wasn't in trouble. Turns out I could have been since I was looking for stash places. But I was 16, had never been in trouble, had not even gotten drunk, and clearly was scared by the stuff I found. My boss then had to deal with my father who did NOT appreciate his little girl being sent to clear out stash places of drug dealers. I was allowed to stop dealing with the rent houses after that.

If your kids are even a little inclined to use tools, check furniture for hidey holes and check the walls too. I found a stash spot in a wall in the apt we now ive in a few weeks after we moved in. Clearly not used in a long time, but a little shelf built behind the wall to hold a stash if you wanted to hide one.


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A split seam in the back of a Teddy Bear's head.

A split seam in the edge of the box-spring mattress.

In the toes of old shoes that no one ever wore.

In the pockets of jackets and coats.

(In my difficult child's case, these weren't drugs but other things he wasn't supposed to have. Still, same principle applies.)


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Boy, does this bring me back to the dark days. Yes, DDD, I believe we did a post years ago about the hiding places. My son's hiding places were everywhere - above the drop down ceiling in the basement, taped inside a heating vent of his room, between mattress, inside various pockets of clothing and drawers, inside MY bowling ball case (thankfully I didn't go bowling during this time. Imagine me getting busted if I would have opened my bag at a public bowling alley), inside husband's golf bag (again, thankfully he hadn't been golfing) and even inside the tie-back of the bathroom curtain.

On difficult child's first home visit from his residential placement, he walked all around the house, garage and yard to make sure we had found any and all drugs he was hiding. We had found all but a few hiding places. Sheesh. If they'd only use that ingenuity for the right purpose.



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Exactly Deb! We've been telling difficult child that for awhile now. He's brilliant. Hopefully someday they'll put that to good use.


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A split seam in the back of a Teddy Bear's head.
Yup, my difficult child used that one. I couldn't understand why she would insist on taking her Teddy Bear with her to overnight sleepovers when she was an older teen but thought it was cute. She told me years later that she would hide drugs in the back seam.