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    As I am preparing to delve into paperwork and hope I don't drown (LOL!), I was starting to complete the process of getting a free credit report thru I started this yesterday at a copy place (I don't have a workable printer at home) but didn't have acct numbers I needed. Anyway, now I have acct numbers and read thru the website and found that after I get the free credit report, I can order a credit score for a fee. I have never seen a credit report but assumed it would include my credit score. What am I missing? Is there a website where I can plug in all personal info at home, then go back to once I'm at a place I can print it out, and get all info for free?

    They told me all this clearance stuff and drug test wouldn't cost me anything but I'm finding that's not quite true. I had to pay for the darn fingerprinting yesterday.
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    Your credit report shows all of the things that go into your credit score. Who you borrow money from, who you have open lines of credit with, and whether you pay on time. I do mine two or three times a year just to be sure that no one has stolen my info. It also shows how many people have been looking at your credit.

    A credit score is not going to show up on a free credit report because it has taken all of your information and analyzed it based upon which way the wind is blowing today. I never bother to ask for my credit score. You can tell whether your credit is good or not based upon the report.

    The credit report will show the people you are applying with whether or not you are over-extended and (so they think) whether you will embezzle money from them. It also shows whether you can afford to take the job they are offering you or whether you might run off after a couple of months because they aren't paying you enough to meet your obligations.
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    He said they wanted it to verify what I owe and told me to include an estimated plan for what I could pay monthly to each place (there are only 2) and told me to give a low-ball estimate. Anyway, he said he needed a credit report so maybe he'll accept that and won't need a credit score.

    Will it show some history- like 6 mos or a year?

    I have to go out anyway- the darn paperwork that I have to complete for second time is a file that won't let me save- if I complete it on the computer I have to print it right away. I can also complete it by hand then mail that in. I guess this is for security purposes. I still don't understand why I am filling out the same form again- it makes me think he lost it.

    Ok- and this site gives three companies I can choose from, then gives an option to get the credit report from all 3. Wouldn't they all 3 show the same thing? Would I need all three?

    Sorry- I am completely illiterate in this area. I'm starting to think I need to go back to bed, get up again, and completely start this day over. LOL!

    At this point, is there someplace I can go, pay $5, and just havae them print out the whole thing and hand it to me?
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    This should be sufficient. You will know when you look at it whether it has those numbers or not. He doesn't need your credit score.
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    Ok, Thanks! I'll deal with it tomorrow I gues since I'm afraid to look it up tonight because then I might not be able to get to it -free- tomorrow to print it out.

    I found the 20 page form that I had printed out before so I am completing it by hand now. I never knew it could take this long when I have all the info for it from the other one I completed already in hand.
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    Some months ago, I got turned down for a very small loan. I got my credit report and then I bought credit monitoring on my account. I pay $16 a month but the first month I was able to go completely through my report and put in on-line challenges and responses to things I contested in my report. In 8 months of monitoring and working really hard to be on time, I have brought my credit rating up 150 points. I get a report by email every month and I can put in whatever I want. I plan to try and get it up to a certain level and then try to refinance the house. After that, I will discontinue the paying service but for now I think it's worthwhile.

    The other day, when I paid the credit card bill on line, I saw that they were now offering free credit monitoring. Since the card is in H's name, I can now get his as well.
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    I got to it and printed the report today. This turned out better than expected. Although the credit cards are in another billing cycle now, adding another 30 days to delinquency :( , this report shows everything I've had credit for, for the past 20 years so it shows that until 2-3 months ago, it was completely unblemished- I hadn't been late on even one payment- and it shows the things I've paid off- house loans (by selling them), car loans, etc. That should help. He told me the credit issue was their only concern so since I have to write them a plan for repayment, it gives me another opportunity to stress that I need a job in order to do anything, and the quicker I get one, the quicker I can take action to improve things. He told me that people there were aware of the impact of the economy this past year.

    They are also aware that I'm unemployed due to taking a leave of absence to deal with family matters then being replaced by the time I could return to work full time and that my son is currently in Department of Juvenile Justice, so I would think they should be able to add this up. Actually, I think since I'm allowed to provide additional comments I think I will just add a couple of sentences to spell this out for them.

    If I can work it into my letter tactfully and subutly, I wouldn't mind reminding them that they aren't paying for any relocation expenses or giving me a timeline so I pretty much have no choice but to hoard my resources to get out there.
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