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    I did not see this on the tv news, but caught it online.
    My son and I spend a LOT of time at this shopping center, not becuz I especially like shoping, but becuz um.......
    the hotel where we stay when we go to eye doctor is just off a major intersection, in a center of hotels. There is a gas station on the corner LOL with very cheap food, hot dogs, my son LOVES, ROFL. When we first began going it was not a problem, but a few months later traffic began to get more intense, and the gas station no longer lets you come out and easily get back to the hotel. Now you cannot turn the way you need to to get back the half a block. Now you HAVE to exit out and go down to this shopping center to turn around. SO- being that we had time on our hands, we began to frequent this shopping center, LOL. He likes the Target, I like Lane Bryant there, LOL.

    How creeepy.
    My prayers are with all those involved and their families. Such a sad scary world sometimes.
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    WOW! Have you considered taking a cooler of food and a good book to read next time?
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    That's right, you do go way south!

    omg, that story was popping in every half hour today. How very sad.
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    I think I'd bring a video game, a good book, and my own food next time.

    Glad you weren't there when it happened. Awful how common place this sort of thing is becoming isn't it?

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    BBK< this is SOOO weird, becuz me and husband still smoke, and we cannot do so here at home anymore, we have begun going out to eat in Wis? LOL. so approx oncce a week to every 10 days or so we trek just that lil bit over the border and we have found a couple very cute tiny diners just outside of the big resort town. SO just after I posted we headed up there for dinner. Got there and I was being my usual VERY chattery self....with the owner of the lil place. How wild, turns out altho this lil diner is north and west of me, and the mall where this occured is WAY south and east of me (5 hours many times since I do not drive tollways etc) - imagine my surprise in conversation when she said she lives down in Tinley Park in IL! She COMMUTES to her lil diner up in Delavan Wis!!!!! She had not heard what happened, and she freaked cuz..her kids go often to that shopping center! YIKES!

    Ah yes, I used to bring food, but, I had some difficulty for a time getting things in and out of car etc....and son really eats very little besides hot dogs, milk and pizza.and the gas station has hot dogs SO cheap-----and the milk is fresh and I do not have to worry about it (the hotel seldom has a fridge) LOL- so, I wimp out, and I kinda "diet" and he has his gas station hot dogs.....we do spend a LOT of time by hotel pool and he does bring his Gameboy......

    It just is not "safe" anywhere, is it?

    You know? The Browns Chicken Massacre? Thats the town I grew up in and LOL- our wedding was carry out catered from THAT Browns. My childhood neighbors son was one of the victims, the police in charge, the chief, was a childhood dear friend of mine.......
    My husband grew up 3 doors down from where ST Val Day massacre happened (altho he had not yet been bnorn at that time, LOL)

    ANd the Fox River Grove train-bus crash? My best friend went to that school 5 years before that, rode that bus, and the bus driver of that bus is-was best friends with my charge nurse boss at the time of the crash.

    So many sad tragedies involve so many people and it can really get to ya sometimes. I know it is unrealistic to get nervous, but at the same time, it is so easy to begin to get nervou and paranoid.

    Used to be when my kids first began to go to docs in the city, I used to have to take the LONG train ride from our far out suburbs in....and then use els etc becuz I was too nervous to drive in the city, haveing been born and raised in outter suburbs. But that was such an ordeal, and I got "caught" a couple times depending on public transport with kids that wound up too ill to handle public transport- and I started to get nervous about being in the big train stations etc so much.I did finally begin to drive to the city and in the city. (BUT while I used to drive tollways and such in chicago, I no longer can do that, it is just way too much way too fast at me)

    I guess we just have to learn to Be Careful. So sad such thngs happen. SO very sad. I guess there are no guarantees.
  6. totoro

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    Yikes, we have been to this mall... the last time we had to emergency change a diaper... in the parking lot in the back... scary.
    So sad.
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    Please, if you would permit me to chatter.

    UG! I just caught the end of a news blip about it and basically they said "relax, the police believe the shooter fled" HUH? How can the ppl near there RELAX with a killer of 5 loose and running?
    I am hoping alll the staff we know from everywhere we frequent there are all safe....

    ANyway, was talking with husband over dinner. See, I take our kids (one at a time) to their places they go.....for awhile I was in my scooter, and then on a walker, and now, of course I walk great. husband who has severe anxieties and social problems, psychiatric issues and a great number of physical issues stays home. When I take oldest to her psychiatrist, we go to one major univ hospital in the city. We are in the "Medical District" there and we never stay overnite there. husband stayed one time at a VA hospital right near oldests psychiatrist, and altho it is only a few blocks away from psychiatrist, it is scarier at the VA, LOL_ the TV show ER is supposedly right there, too, LOL.
    My son goes to a Shriners CHildrens hospital, and that neighborhood is very pretty. We do not sleep there, becuz they have an arrangement with a hotel at OHare with awesome proces for families of patients, becuz they did not have a Ronald McDonald House for several years.(they now have one or are getting one VERY soon) So- we stay by OHare right now when we go there. My bro works very close to that hotel. LOL- so sometimes we meet him for lunch.

    One of my sons surgeries was at another univ teaching hospital------and THAT neighborhood scares me quite a bit, and the RMHe stay in when we have to go to THAT clinic (sometimes the eye doctor wants us at the hospital clinic becuz there is more equipment there, and he also like to let the students see my son, too) the RMH neighborhood for that hospital is very dangerous. And the route we must take to get there is treacherous. BUT ironically, while outside I can get nervous? What I have found is the PEOPLE one on one? they are warmer and kinder than the people in the town where I live, by far!
    BUT me and son make sure to stay on campus, and we do not go out and eat, we eat all our meals inside hospital or RMH.
    Usually I have talked the eye doctor into us going farther but at his private office- down near thos shooting. This is NOT what you would consider a dangerous or scary neighborhood at all.
    Ironic. It is probably the least "dangerous" or "bad neighborhood" out of anywhere my kids go for docs.
    I guess ya just never know, you cannot tell, you cannot predict. It is just SO random. ANd THATS why it gets me so nervous. Cuz ya just never know.
    SO sad.
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    Sorry, just me, again.
    After I posted last nite, I was laying awake cuz my rheumetologist reduced my medications and now symptoms are creeping back, so I was restless. So I was channel flipping, and yeesh, there was a thing about the Browns Chicekn mess. :-(
    Today I did go out and me and oldest and youngest went to a videogame store, in a mall....(not THAT mall, LOL, we are home and not at eye doctor, YAY) but I just kept wondering how this suspect - a man- sounds like a large man, happened to go into a Lane Bryant and well, I think I heard only one person was able to give a description? Seems to me, I would think, he would ? stick out? And I am afraid for people cuz he is still loose. Yes our Lane Bryant store local was closed today to honor the victims at the other one. I heard all the greater chicago area Lane Bryants were closed today.
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    Nancy Grace was talking about this on her show tonite. I am not a Nancy Grace fan to begin with, but she sure seemed to me tonite like she wanted to tell the police chief in charge what the facts were...she seemed to me to keep contradicting him....and then she seemed to cut away especially often to commercials. Is she always that way?
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    when I was rambling on in one of my posts in this thread about the trains? I think I was thinking about the Fox River Grove school bus train crash.
    The day of that crash, a coworkers best friend was that bus driver. That crash happened right by me......and one of my friends kids got killed on that bus, too. Sadly, most of those victims are buried where my mom is, and they have these very large ?granite" grave things that cover the entire grave, altho they are flat, flush to the if we go to cemetary to "visit" mom & pop, we are admist all these young HS kids graves.
    It is quite sad, so tragic.....
    OK I know thats not the same as a school shooting, a mall shooting, or a Fast Food Massacre, is just one more tragic incident that hangs on my mind so much.