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difficult child 1, ODD child - last night before bed she asked me if we were going to bring her back to the crisis center because she had an attitude. I'm afraid, because I know she's communicated that she likes it there - but I don't want her to seek out negative attention just to go back there. She has to understand what is so wrong with that, or does she?


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My difficult child really liked it in the psychiatric hospital and at times has said he would like to go back but then quickly changes his mind. I'm not so sure our difficult children really understad what is wrong with seeking out that negative attention-not even sure they know they're doing it a lot of the time.
It is possible that she had a positive experience there, and would like to go back. And it is ENTIRELY possible that she cannot see what is wrong with that. many difficult children are in their own world, and are concerned about what is good for them.

If it were me, I might say something along the lines of the crisis center being just one of many places that you could have brought her, and perhaps another place would not be so pleasant. Just to try and discourage her. But that's how I roll.

Hugs and good luck to you.

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I'd personally define the criteria for a crisis center visit to difficult child.

My personal criteria is self harm, physical aggression toward others & medication refusal.

Both kt & wm loved the hospital - it was a free ride to be as "crazy" as they wanted to be. Eventually, they were reigned in - but until they presented every single symptom it was a blast for the tweedles. Plus there was daily entertainment.