Cross fingers, cross toes, shake your bon bon pretty please!

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    My S/O graduated (again!) over a month ago. We agreed to take the hit of zero income from him and live off mine (meager let me just say! Enough to get by but just) while we enjoyed some down time together before he started looking for a job he'll enjoy. Anyhow he put a resume in Friday but the person wasn't going to be in until this morning. He phoned about 10 a.m. and did a telephone interview with S/O on the spot and said that HR would give a call later this week or next week. We then went out to do some errands and came home to a message left about an hour after the phone interview. HR woman left a message asking to call today to set up a good time tomorrow for a in person interview and to discuss the various open positions (which means the one he HOPED for, the really good one, is ON the table with him as a candidate. Woot woot!) We knew he'd probably land a job with them but one particular higher position has been advertised 3 times in a row, obviously unfilled as the skills required are beyond the normal skills associated with his license background. Although this is in his former field, it would utilize the skills from his recent diploma alongside his past skills, diploma and license. He would be overseeing a specialized department within this company and the pay would be better, responsabilities more in depth and the room to advance in the company would be tremendous. This is also a international company that promotes from within that also has a great union and a great employee advancement program that will even pay for all types of specialized training etc much of which S/O is very very interested in (especially human factors which is a huge fascination for him).

    He has a ongoing joke that he's never NOT been hired for a position he applied for. He's never put out tons of resumes and had to wait and hope ONE would call. he goes to ONE, he gets it. Let's hope that this is the case here! He'd be thrilled to get this position AND it would allow us to relocate out of this town after easy child finishes grade 8 as we have been planning and hoping for. Plus we can STOP being renters and finally own our own home.

    UPDATE: while typing he was called again, he has an interview 10a.m. Monday, turns out they can't interview until then. he really needs this and gosh knows our budget sure does! Another highlight, his job he was laid off from that led him to school once again, was a good position with a great company who will gladly take him back. But this job he's hoping for comes with so many options for moving ahead and climbing the ladder and the salary is even better than he'd have reached in another 10 years with his former company. Might we actually find financial freedom after all these years of struggle? Gosh I guess "I" need this too. I'm so sick of uber budgeting and scraping along or putting of my needs for the kids or whatever. I'd love to have the money to pay for difficult child's college next year too since he's made up his mind to go.
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    You really want us to shake our bon bons for your S/O?

    (long exhale) THE things I am forced to do for the sake of my family - somedays is JUST immeasureable.

    SHAKEY,,,,,,,,,SHAKEY, SHAKEY...............(SNORT) SHAKEY...........
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    HAHA He loves me, not threatened, you may all shake it ;)

    On a side note, due to outstanding bill for tuition at graduation his diploma was actually a notice to go pay up in order to get your actual diploma and your final grades. Due to a postal strike here, mail only resumed today. His diploma arrived but I guess his grades are in the backed up mail at the sorting centers still. Picked up a frame while running errands earlier and he was just putting it in to hang on his Wall O' Pride (it's getting full!) and somehow we BOTH missed noticing that he graduated with Academic Honors (over 90%). Can't wait for his grades to come. I'm so proud of him :) :) :)
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    All Pretzeled up!! Academic Honors ~ WOW!! Congratulations to S/O!!!
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    Crossing my fingers, crossing my toes, shaking my bon bon ! Hugs Rabbit
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    Doing the pretzel, sending positive mojo and juju (is there a difference?), saying a prayer.

    Hope he gets it!!!
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    Thanks all :) It's been an unreal 2 1/2 years since his layoff, and 2 long years of school for him. Intense since it was 2 years but was meant to be longer but is a condensed program so he took double courses the entire time. Whew! He certainly has earned in my mind a right to hope for a great position, especially since we went through this together once already when he went to school again a year after we met. We've been through a LOT of education for him in the past 7+ years together, mixed in with a couple of years where he did love the job he had and his former company. I really want this for him, even if the pay was cruddy (although trust me, I'll be happy to see a good pay coming in!). He is one of those guys that needs fulfillment in his job, a challenge, has to continue to learn more and know more and expand his knowledge base, move out of his comfort zone etc. This company can definitely accomodate all of those things for him. And that pay is going to be wonderful given that we've twice now sacrificed hugely as an entire family to float the bills while he pursued all of these things. Top of our list is putting the money away for next years wedding. We've decided that if he gets this particular job, his very first full pay we are using it to pay for the reception venue and deposits on a few things to get the ball rolling. For that reason alone if they don't hire him on the spot I may have to go in myself with a bride to be album, shake it in their face and refuse to let them out of their office until they've signed him up for employment ;).

    Another bonus, he can get there in about 20 minutes on foot, 5 minutes by bike (he rides a lot). He's quite excited tonight. Haven't ever seen him this excited about a job prospect so I'm enjoying listening to him and seeing him all wound up.
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    I've been practicing and I think I have it now. Shake...Shake...Shake!

    Just in case, I'm crossing my fingers too. Hugs DDD
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    Wow! That's great news! It sounds so good already! I'm so glad he graduated again. Looks like it's already paying off.
    I'm eating bon bons while shaking my bon bon! :choir:
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    Good luck MM's husband!
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    Yay for your SO!

    Crossing fingers etc.
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    Crossing all crossable body parts for him. Hope he gets the one he wants.