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    Lets avoid board jinx...knocking on wood.

    Tony took Cory to work today. Just one day.

    If anyone remembers, they attempted working together a couple of years ago and it was a fiasco from the start. Cory was belligerent and defiant. He balk talked his father and embarrassed him no end. It was a really bad situation.

    Tony swore he would never work with him again and Tony's employer felt the same way. Cory was persona non-grata.

    Well, a situation came up on the job Tony is working on and because Cory has been doing so well recently he decided to give him a chance...even talked his employer into it.


    His dad said he did what he was told, he worked hard and he didnt get mouthy or out of line once!

    He also said he is thinking of taking him back another two days next week!

    OMG....this is really big!
  2. mstang67chic

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    Big??? Janet, that's HUGE!!! I hope there's no jinx and things continue to go well. That will do Cory a world of good both financially and for his confidence in himself.

    Keeping everything crossed that I can without falling over!
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    :bravo: :wine: :bravo:



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    This IS really big......
    YAY, Cory.
    I knew he could do it - he will do it!!

    And didn't you hear, there is no such thing as the board jinx has evaporated. Just because I said so! ;)
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    No jinxes allowed this month!!!

    Janet, it seems our boys are finally growing up. Tripp has been working since last July!!!
    This is a world record. He went in this morning from 9-3, then went back tonight from 5-9:30 because the boss had to fire 4 today---and one of them wasn't him!!!!

    I've got to tell this...The other day his male boss (he works for a husband and wife) asked if he had brought his permission slip for work. Tripp was confused. His boss went on to explain that a 21 year old employees mom had called and said that her daughter no longer had permission to work there because she had been yelled at for doing something wrong. Tripp laughed and said if I went home and told my mom that I was yelled at for doing something wrong she would say, "Well, stop messing (substitute a 21 year old man's vocabulary here) up."
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    Yep, this is Huge! :D:D
    I'll be keeping body parts crossed Cory can keep it up. :D

  7. DammitJanet

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    Thank you!

    Oh it will help financially because Cory has a $300 power bill he has been panicking about big time. That takes over half his monthly income. He didnt know what he was gonna do.
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    That is terrific news I hope it continues. NO JINX Allowed! -RM
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    This sounds like my difficult child and husband. Dan was let go pretty much immediately, the same defiance, ungrateful, lazy, non-compliant....behavior he always has. But now he does work. husband sometimes has to tell difficult child to get his tools and leave. Then he does work for awhile when he is taken back. It still goes on, (honestly, poor husband) but at least Dan has a job, and he has insurance. Now that Cory has an apartment, he'll want to keep the lifestyle he's worked so hard to attain. I think he'll do great, I'm glad he's doing so well. - Alyssa
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    Oh my, this is so WONDERFUL!!! It is HUGE and AMAZING and FANTABULOUS!!!

    I remember when Tony took Cory to work last time. How upset you and Tony were, all of it. This is just such great news!!!!!! I hope Cory keeps it up.

    I have long thought that if our difficult children ever put the energy into positive things that they put into difficult child behavior, well, they could accomplish anything and everything!