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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Is anyone else a huge CSI fan? If so, did you catch the 3 part investigation this week?

    If you missed one episode, or all of them, you can go to cbs.com and watch them all for free. This season they are only keeping them on the website for a couple of weeks.

    I managed to sit and watch tonight's episode with the family (usually I cannot because sitting is very painful)!!!!!

    It was great, in my opinion, even if it was a bit too "happy ending" to have the ending it had. Jessie and husband recorded them on the dvr and we are going to keep them on dvd.

    I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

    Which of the 3 was your favorite in this "trilogy"?

    I am torn between Miami and NY. Vegas was just a bit too happy ending. They had me until the last 20 mins though.

    Which CSI is your fave of the 3 shows?

    I can't really choose. Used to be the original, hands down. I just don't know how it is all going to shake out in Vegas now.

    I think my fave is NY. Just a smoother blend of characters and not so many "solves". They show more of the times they cannot get the person.

    Jessie loves this one because she is a big fan of Lindsey. She also likes Danny a lot.

    What is up with Catherine in Vegas?

    I would have thought she would have shifted into the limelight with Grissom gone. She seems to be more of the administrator and mentor than in the front of the pack as the lead actor. Of course if she had her own "Catherine" backing her the way she organized Grissom it would have that vibe.

    Are you a fan of Langston or not?

    I wasn't sure last season. Now I sort of wish he was more in the background and Nick and Catherine were more up front. But they do seem to be gelling as the season progresses, in my opinion.
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    I do not like Miami.....can't stand I loved Grissom and really miss his character. But my favorite is NY---love all the characters!
  3. DammitJanet

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    Im a huge crime show fan. I love the whole series to be truthful. It took me a while to get into NY but now I am a fan. I cant say which one is my favorite but I did grieve when Grissom left Vegas.

    I am addicted to all the crime shows. I watch the CSI's, Law and Orders, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Numbers, and Mentalist.

    I am going to write a "basic" outline for a script for a week long show that runs from all the CBS shows and send it in...lol. I think it would be a blast to see a show that started on CSI:Miami ran to NCIS then on the NCIS:LA then over to Criminal Minds to CSI:NY then over to CSI:VEGAS on to the Mentalist and on to be solved on Numbers at last...lmao. Yes I have really thought about this!
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    I love all of those shows. Well, NCIS-LA is not yet on my love list. But I would truly enjoy a plot/criminal conspiracy that ran through all of the shows. Of course it would take the numbers crew to put all the facts together, LOL!

    Jessie is also a crime drama lover. While I would maybe not have her like quite so many shows to the degree that she does, they are an excellent carrot! Even more so since the shaking. She continues to say the recliner is the only comfortable place in the house so if she cannot watch a show with us she has to be elsewhere - meaning in her room. So far she, being relatively easy child, has not even pushed us. She did have one job that she finished in the second commercial break - with permission. It was a fairly involved chore and husband took her over to my parents for most of the day so she could't do it.

    She got to see the show mostly because she ASKED to go home to do her chore.

    I still am not sure I know what to do with a kid like that, LOL!!!

    Anyway, it is nice to know that I am "watching" the shows with my friends!

    Did you know that you can watch any of the CSIs, NCIS, NCIS-LA and Numbers at the CBS website?

    They are each up for a week or two.

    BYW, have you checked out Christian Slater in "The Forgotten"? It is an interesting take on the crime show. People who die with no info available on who they are can't always be identified. The police turn files over to amateur groups who try to figure out who they were and let their loved ones know. Of course, if there is foul play then they try to see who the killer is.

    It can also be watched online.

    If you want to see them on a larger window, go to www.fancast.com.
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    I can't stand Miami. H with his horrible over the top acting! (Spoken from the side) "Well, then." (Takes off sunglasses, still not looking at suspect) "I guess we'll just have to do it my way then, won't we?" (Turns icy glare on suspect.) And all of the Miami CSI to the very last man is running around with guns arresting people. There's never a cop anywhere, and when there is, they're always deferring to the CSI, no matter that the CSI is some 23 year old kid. And the idea that the beautiful young Marisol would fall in love with that old wrinkly leprechaun made my skin crawl!

    NY has gotten to be similar, with Stella being the defacto H. Except that it nearly always takes place at a Rave.

    I get that they're all over the top, but at least in the original, Lt. Brass is the one pounding the beat, and if the CSI come with him, they either defer to him or at least ask if it's ok if they do something before they jump right in. I never miss it. I haven't watched the others in years.

    That being said, I did watch all three this week so that I could follow the story arc. It only reiterated to me how bad the others are in comparison. If you look at the three shows' ratings, LV is still running at number 3 or 4, and Miami is running at number 14, and NY is running at number 13. Not a good sign for Mac and H.
  6. DammitJanet

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    Susie...not only can I watch them online, I can now watch them on my phone! LOL. I am set. Before I got this phone, I couldnt watch anything except the live shows or when they came on in reruns. I dont have dvr with my satellite.
  7. susiestar

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    Janet, until about 9 months ago I couldn't watch them anywhere except online!! We didn't have much reception and couldn't see them on TV cause we had no satellite!
  8. DammitJanet

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    I didnt have anything but rabbit ears until I got my disability. Even now I cant get any sort of high speed internet except that now I can use my new cell phone as a modem which gives me what they call 3G internet service. Now I am not in a real 3G area so I am slower than real high speed but much faster than anything I was used to with dial up. I can now actually use youtube! Of course, the cell phone carriers dont want us to do this but its possible...lol. My son is a geek so he knows how to do this and its the only way for us to get something close to high speed.

    I feel absolutely luxurious to be able to watch CSI on TV while watching the football game on my cell phone! LOL.