Curiosity "killed the cat"

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    I posted a couple weeks ago about how my X sent a message through our county child support office wanting me to call him. Well, I finally did. I made sure the number I was calling from (not my own) was blocked .... to be on the safe side. Here's a recap of the conversation.....if you can call it that. I kept my voice neutral and calm because I wanted to hear what he had to say and didn't want to "scare him off"....seriously.

    Me: I got the message you wanted me to call you. What's up?
    X: Yea, I was wondering if you have any pictures you can send me.
    Me: Why?
    X: I don't know..........How are you doing?
    Me: Fine
    X: How are the boys doing?
    Me: Fine
    X: That's good. I'm working, working, working trying to get caught up (with 12 years of child support)
    Me: That's good.

    Silence ..... People noises in the background....sounds like a party or gathering of some kind

    Me: So what prompted you to want contact after all these years?
    X: Well, I got a letter from child support and I didn't understand what it meant so I called to have
    her explain it to me and I asked her if she could let you know that I wanted you to call. She said she
    could probably do that but it would be totally up to you if you did or not and I told her I understood
    Me: Ok. I just thought it might be for something important.
    X: No...... Ummmmmm....... I suppose the boys aren't there to talk to them.
    Me: Nope. They won't be home for another couple hours (They really were gone golfing with difficult child 2's Big
    Brother so I wasn't lying)
    X: Ok. I'll let you go then. Bye.
    Me: Bye.

    This took all of about 3 minutes. I know him and the reason he wants the pictures is so he can show them off and brag about HIS boys. He did that with the pictures he took the last time he saw the boys (8 years ago). He wouldn't know them if they walked up in front of him. He didn't ask anything about them. Nothing. Just wanted pictures. Ummmmm NOPE
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    Well, at least you know and that curiosity won't be nagging you anymore. I don't blame you over the photos, I wouldn't send them either.
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    Hmm. Yep. If he wants pics, he can do his part as a dad and see them and take his own pictures. And catch up with-child support.
    Well, now you know why he called. :)