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    Who here does Curves?
    I have friends who do this regularly and really like it.
    They have had on and off issues with their weight.

    I usually go to a gym about four times a week. My time there varies...depending on what is going on in my life.

    However, I don't usually use the weight machines. For some reason, I find them boring. It is tedious for me to do these machines by myself. I do like doing the elliptical and/or treadmill though.

    Today, I visited Curves and liked it. I'm thinking of going back and forth between Curves and the Gym.

    I'm thinking this routine (Curves some days and gym other days) would provide a sound workout routine...getting everything covered. Eventually, I might drop my gym membership and use my treadmill at home..I think the costs will start to get to my pocketbook.

    Anyone doing Curves? Thoughts?
  2. goldenguru

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    I did Curves for about a year.

    I liked the atmosphere of Curves. More real women my age (versus a health club I belonged to once where it was mostly teens/young adults running around in too little spandex). It is pretty well rounded - in terms of hitting all the necessary body parts.

    Personally, it just wasn't much of a (cardio) workout for me.

    If you've visited and like it - they usually offer a trial membership. Maybe you could try that for 3 months before committing. Good luck Nomad.
  3. Ropefree

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    I go through used excersize equiptment for home use. It IS hard to do the same thing all the time. What might be ideal is to find friends to trade equiptment with so that
    that daily grind has a bit of change regularly.
    As it is for me my kid breaks them right away or after awhile. My latest, a recumbant stationary bike is resting in pieces waiting for the ride to the dump.