Cushings disease in a dog?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Dec 21, 2012.

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    One of the three dogs that I have to rehome probably has Cushings. She has lost ten pounds and when I took her for her rabies and distemper yesterday the vet tech brought it up (her fur is so heavy I didn't notice) and she had a blood test run. Her hormones and liver had some abnormalities and vet came in and told me it is likely Cushings, but we need to do another test. He said we could wait two weeks because she is eating and acting fine.

    I was devastated. I called the adoption center/sanctuary to tell them and the lead volunteer is a vet. She was cheerful and said she knows how to treat that...not to worry...that she will still probably get adopted or they'd care for her. But I still felt terrible. I can't keep her (see my other thread). This particular furbaby is a great human lover, but attacks any animal except her pack and sometimes even her pack. Plus she is starting to pee and poop on the floor like the other dogs. I wonder if that is part of cushings because this particular dog never had accidents before.

    Has anybody ever had a dog with Cushings and how did it work out? And what else could it be? He said Cushings or some hormonal problem. I love my baby, even though I can't keep her. I feel very sick about this. Yesterday, as I waited with her for the blood test results, I was seriously afraid I would be told to put her down. I was ready to call my hub and daughter to come and hold her with me and I was crying while I hugged her. She licked my face, like she always does.
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    Usually dogs, and people, with Cushing's gain weight not lose weight. It's fairly common on older dogs. Other hormonal issues might be another type of adrenal gland issue or thyroid.
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    Our deceased jack russell, Spot, was tested for canine cushings two years ago (and he was gaining not loosing weight) but ended up he was suffering with SARDS. From what I can remember, the testing for the certainty of a cushings diagnosis was very, very expensive and, with medications for life, the symptoms can cease and your pet can live a happy life.

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    What is the disease where you lose weight??
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    Our vet suspected cushings with Sophie and said it was a possibility even though she was wasting away.

    Her liver enzymes were very high, her weight loss was severe-and she was a little dig already, but mostly it was muscle wasting. The vet said it was liver failure, followed by possibly kidney failure towards the end. She was also peeing and pooping in the house, which was way out of character for her. Sophie was always thirsty and hungry and seemed okay but then took a turn and lost all her usual spunk and energy. She just wanted to be held or sleep.

    Has your dog been heavily or steadily vaccinated? Often, some dogs' constitution just can't take all those vax. Once Sophie became ill four or five years ago, she was legally exempt from all vax. That's telling, isn't it???

    I'm so sorry, hugs.
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    I'm sorry. Like the others have said Cushings usually results in weight gain. The opposite, Addison's-too little cortisone, usually lose weight until the medications have it under control (at least in humans and I know dogs can get that too.)
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    OMG. I hope it's something we can control :<<<< Thanks, all of you.