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    :smile:while on my many visits to a mental facility to visit my son in these past few weeks i have seen and heard this lil girl about 14-15 yrs og age hollar at the nurses you bunch of f*gots and mother****ers and etc.when they make her mad.but she would laugh after saying these things.
    while i am able to deal with things like this i wonder if these nurses are able to.
    last week when she started her tirade again ,i heard code 3 and here came 3 security officers and went to where she was.she said no ill stop now and they left.
    my son then looked at me and said shes gonna get put in the cushy room again. .......WHAT?
    he then preceded to tell me the other night she kept calling them names (she was not doing anything but sitting there and hollering this at them)the nurses had her put in the padded room for the rest of the night.
    i thought these things where for someone that was tring to harm themselves or others ....not just yelling?
    he then told me they had a big tub in the back and they heard them bring a man in there (from the other side)to give him a bath because he wouldnt take one.he said you could hear the man yelling and screaming all through their ward.
    what id like to know is why are they doing this near all these children? i wonder if hearing these things wont make these children afraid to go into the hospital for help if they need it later on in life.....
    sometimes i really wonder who are the real so called crazy people in life ....the people who claim to be normal ....or the ones that have been counselor once told me that if every person was looked at carefully enough that everyone has issues....and that there are only 2 kinds of people in this world...those of us that have been diagnosed ..and those that just havent been diagnosed yet
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    Jessica, I have no experience with psychiatric hospitals because my children have never been admitted (just day treatment programs). However, my thought is that if you have concerns about the way patients are being treated or what your son is being exposed to, you should talk to your son's attending psychiatrist or a hospital administrator. Generally, hospitals have patient advocates who are there to address any concerns you might have.

    Good luck.
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    My son was in a psychiatric hospital several times. Once for a long stay and twice for 3 day stays. Each of the 2 hospitals had very separate facilities for adults and children. The long term hospital had a separate campus for adults.

    I think if the girl was yelling all night they might put her in the padded room to let the other patients sleep. Last thing I would want to deal with is an entire ward full of people sick enough (with anything) who were kept up all night by yelling.

    There should be a case manager, a head nurse, a patient advocate, and a hospital administrator you can talk about these things with. I probably would bring it up to see what really happened (my son was notorious for telling lies about things like that) and then would have to decide if it was inappropriate for my son to be treated like that.

    You do not know what other issues the girl has, and what behaviors she has when in her room yelling. Security is not usually called with-o a very good reason.

    As for the man yelling through the bath, who knows if it was an adult or just an older teen. And some patients actively fight baths for various reasons.

    I hope that you can talk to someone and put your mind at ease.