Cutting out HFCS and Dyes to start

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    First off, I just want to say that I am so glad that I came to this site. I have learned so much from everybody, things that I should have been told by any single one of the people involved with the treatment of my son.

    We decided to start removing potentially irritating food from my son's diet, starting with the two easiest things, High fructose corn syrup and artificial dyes. I didn't realize how many foods had one or both of these things! Pickles? WHY?? His Sun Chips, which I THOUGHT I was doing a good thing by giving him those, has dye in them. But Trader Joes made it extremely to replace all these things, and I don't mind the 1/2 hour trip to the store if this will help him (and the rest of the family!). We started yesterday, and he couldn't even tell the difference with the ketchup, mac and cheese, and everything else we gave him. Such a sneaky Mommy :D

    I have a few questions though. Is regualr corn syrup okay? Is there any other sneaky words I should be looking for, either for the HFCS or the dyes? I'm afraid that I'm going to accidentally give him something I am trying to avoid and not know it, resulting in us thinking that this didn't work. I don't want to move onto gluten and caesin if I don't have to.

    If we are successful in removing ALL dyes and HFCS, it can take up to 4-8 weeks before it's all completely removed from his sytem correct? Maybe I just wanted to see it, although husband saw it too, the normal aggressive tone he takes on with us was absent and he seemed calmer. I did see some of that leak back into his verbal communication later in the day after 1/2 a mug of milk, but I know I'm jumping Occupational Therapist (OT) conclusions and will stick to this long term before making any solid desicions in the effectiveness of this diet.

    I also started a very detailed daily log of his meals and behaviors. Wouldn't it just be too easy if it's something he eats ...