D-Day and Pudding Incident


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My difficult child 2 (25 years old) had a hissy fit on Friday because I said something he didn't like and smacked 2 pudding cups (snacks put out for our 3-year old grandson coming home from school) that went all over our kitchen walls, floors, ceilings, wallpaper etc. He did clean them up after some hectoring by me, but what a disrespectful jerk. Ironically enough, husband and I are watching the History channel where they are featuring footage and personal testimonies on the invasion of Normandy. I am sitting in awe as surviving men who were then in their teens tell of their fallen brothers in arms and how they survived. And I have a pudding slapper. I mention it to husband and we start laughing at the ridiculousness of the whole incident. Pudding as a weapon.
And there's even an icon for that...:poop::roflmao:


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It is good that you can laugh. It is sad that they can not hold it together enough not to smack pudding cups. Mine would not have cleaned it up.

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This was the lesson I was able to see when one of the mom's here on the site posted about her son, whining away about how no one would give him money for his power bill while she knew of other 19 year olds who were off fighting in Iraq.

She was able to see her son differently from that point on.

I cut a picture of young soldiers out of the newspaper and taped it near the phone to give me a different way to think about it when difficult child son would call.

It was helpful to me.

I am sorry this happened to you, but glad at the same time. Everything changes when how we interpret our situations changes.

And Tish? I don't think that is pudding in that icon.




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thank you tish for the post, pudding bombs are not fun to clean up but not as bad as when angel covered her body in peanut butter and made peanut butter angels (like snow angels) on my carpet, and she went inpatient so i was the one crying smashing oxyclean/dishsoap paste into the carpets and kept going over it with steam cleaner with water in it.

it amazes me the things normally not thought of as weapons they use...
been stoned by a bag of potatoes?... yep my hand goes up
grocery bag full of can goods?... yep my hand goes up
me in neck brace for almost a month by kid swinging from my hair, yep been there

like i said before thank you for the trip down memory lane, and i'm so glad finally found the medications that help my girls; medication trials took a lot of years and i wouldn't want to relive them for anything.

i agree with cedar, that icon isn't pudding it's something else that yes my kids have covered my house in that a couple times too.

gotta laugh or would be crying, know what i mean?



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At least you see the humor in it, tish :)

If it were me, 25 would not be asked over again for a family meal unless he apologized and washed his childish mess.

These difficult children seem to have the mentality of little kids. They need help so badly, but they don't think they do so usually it doesn't change (sigh).