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    yesterday afternoon and requested that I go to their office asap and sign the transfer slip so difficult child could be sent to her alternative placement. I told them I would be there first thing this morning and I was but difficult child's probation officer wasn't there...After waiting for over thirty minutes they finally find the forms I needed to sign , in of all places, difficult child's file....Filled the form out which consist of all the same information they already had on file and handed it back to one of the problem. officers, and asked when/where was difficult child being sent to. Oh they can't tell you where their sending her until after she is transported.....Ok not like I am gonna highjack my handcuffed/shackeled kid off the bus....heck at this point in the game I would volunteer to drive the darn bus myself....Plus I already know where she if being sent as difficult child overheard her case worker tell someone else at the lock up facility and she had to write and tell me....Seems that our local department of juvenile justice is just as mixed up as some of the kids they are supposed to be helping.
    One a good note letters and calls from difficult child are changing in attitude. I am guarded as what to believe from her but hoping she is finally seeing the clear picture. She even wants to write back and forth about what we would like to see changed in each other. Think I will wait until she is in the treatment center before being out right honest about that one.
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    they can't tell you where she's going until she's there? uh, i would have said "then i'm sorry but i can't help you with the paperwork."
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    Could you enlarge the font (text) of your post? That is way too small for my old eyes to read!
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    Lol. Guess there are alot of "old eyes" around here! DDD
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    My reply to Department of Juvenile Justice-
    " I'm sorry, you want me to give you permission to transport my daughter to an unknown location? What will she be doing there? What help will she be recieving? How is the program structured? Can I visit? Will she call? Who is in charge of this program? Do they have a website where I can get information? Is there a psychiatrist on staff? What are the hoped outcomes? How will this be different from the other Department of Juvenile Justice programs that have not worked for her? I'll sign when I have the information a parent should have before they agree to send their beloved child (difficult child or not) off to any program. I will be glad to wait for the person who can answer these questions."

    I'm dumbfounded!