Daddys and difficult child-daughters....

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    Does anyone else have a husband that just can't be tough on his daughter-difficult children???

    husband can stand his own with difficult child-A (son), but with his little girl (difficult child-S), no matter how mad he gets, he always caves. If he would firm up to Jello it would be a 100% improvement.

    And if I hear "but it's my Dauuughter" one more time, I will probably lose it.

    I don't get why husband feels guilty about anything negative towards difficult child-S, but it shouldn't surprise me, he can't stand up to his Mommy very well either. The only female he can stand up to seems to be me. My BFF says it's because I am his sure thing. No matter what, I'll never stop loving him or turn on him, where the other two have, will and will again.

    I'm just curious if other Dads are like this or if it's just mine?
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    I am not sure it completely compares, because husband only has one bio child and thats cultured difficult child. Wee may as well be his because husband is the only dad he's known since he was 1, and they adore each other. husband has no trouble getting onto Wee, and had not trouble telling me what I needed to do with the bigger boys when they were at home. But his daughter, cultured difficult child? OMG. She could murder someone and he'd "forget" before he'd do anything about it.

    Three times before the end of the school year, he sat down and highlighted all of her missing assignments, and had this great plan to jump her for it, ground her til she finished it, etc.

    She ended the year with 19 missing assignments.

    I suggested we send her back to her mom's since she didn't want to go to summer school and we can't trust her at home.

    He let her go to grandma's.

    I'm washing my hands of her. I won't be mean. She will respect me or she won't do things with me. But I'm done with the rest of it. So no, you aren't alone.
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    Nope, jump on board the "what the heck happened to grounding HER?!" yacht!

    husband has no problem disciplining Jett, but lets Onyxx get away with all kinds of stuff. Even so recent as yesterday, she was supposed to be in trouble and grounded but he just let her leave again. Talked to her downstairs for a couple of hours. Wants me to go to family therapy with Onyxx to address MY issues with HER. (MY issues? Um. Theft, lying, assault, disrespect, assorted emotional/verbal/mental/physical abuse. Yup, I HAVE ISSUES WITH HER.)

    But ya know what? He's on board now. He was thoroughly disgusted with her when she failed her drug test. That should last oh, a day. Daddy's Little Girl...
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    It's nice to know I'm not alone. Our sister in law hasn't talked to me since difficult child-S did her run-away thing telling sister in law stories about how abusive I was to her. (I made her do dishes).

    husband say his Bro and sister in law this weekend, sister in law says to have me call her. Left a message expecting nothing because sister in law is phoney. husband is so surprised I haven't heard back and so angry at her. Can't see that his daughter and Mommy are the same exact way and if he does, he let's it go. Just don't get how the male mind works. Guess if there is a DNA connection to a female, that female has to be treated with kid-gloves.
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    FWIW, Two Brooms is the same way with husband.

    The longer I'm married to that man, and the more I hear about the things he did in high school, the more I wonder where the heck his parents were. He wasn't a bad kid by any means, and I'm not sure he was even a typical teenager - he was a loner - which is a good thing, because I think he stopped going home and listening to his mama at the ripe ol' age of about 8.

    But to hear her talk, he was the best kid in the world, and his sister was dirt.

    Matter of fact, its still that way. Only bad thing husband has ever done was hook up with me.
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    Kind of glad I am an only child... Of course I got spoiled, but I was also the only one who got credit, too.

    :D ...And yes, I am a Daddy's Girl, and always will be. I DO have my difficult child moments!!!